not enough storage is available to process this command

I've been battling with an issue the past 3 weeks and I can not seem to find a resolution.  Any help would be appreciated.

I have a Windows XP workstation (all service packs and updates have been installed) which is running as my back-up workstation.  It is a member of the domain and has been for years.  About 3 weeks ago - the external hard-drive which had been attached to it decided to take a crap.  I have since replaced it with an External Terabyte drive.  Around the same time however, the system also seemed to stop being able to access the internet.  It can not get to our 'intranet' page or any external internet website.  It can see other computers within my domain but can not access them (even though it has administrator rights to do so).  The PC did have a static IP address and I could still access it via VNC Viewer when it stopped accessing the intranet, internet, and network resources.  It's at the same time the above happens that the back-up jobs then also fail - stating it can not reach the remote agent but it's likely because it can no longer gain access to those shared drives/folders that it needs to back up because of this strange 'lack of network' access.  The craziest part of this whole thing is that if/when I restart the box - all network access is working, it can get to the intranet and internet for about 24 hours - then it just happens all over again.  I don't see any rhyme or reason on when or what causes it to occur.  Again, I can still ping and VNC to the box.  And the box itself can ping both internal and external sites - but just can connect.

Steps I've done to attempt to resolve this issue have been:
1) Performed a system restore to a previous date
2) Performed a check disk on the drive where the pagesys file resides.
3) Updated the driver for the NIC
4) Performed a GPUpdate on the machine
5) Looked for signs of an IRPStackSize issue from a way previous version of Symantec but doesn't seem to be the issue.

The 2 warning signs when this occurs are again when the computer can not access the internet/intranet.  I get a page can not be displayed error.  The other telling sign is that my backups start failing.  If a back-up hasn't yet started it'll fail within 10 seconds that it can not access the remote computer.  What's even stranger is that if a back-up is in progress, but this 'event' happens - it'll continue backing up for awhile but then it will eventually fail.  When I go to edit my back-up job's - I get the error "Not Enough Storage is available to process this command" which then brings up the screen to select what I want to backup - but since I can't access any remote PC - I can't do anything because it acts like I can't see them.  I've also seen the error "there are no long in servers to handle your request."....

Anyone have any ideas?  This just started recently (along with the external backup) died but I can't see that affecting the 'network' issues that the box seems to be having now....
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What was stored on the old external drive?
This sounds like you may have more than one issue going on. First off:

1. How much disk space is on your local C: drive?
2. Is the Windows Firewall or other third party firewall on?
3. Can you ping your default gateway?

The answers to these questions may assist in finding the solution.
akafitiAuthor Commented:
The old  hard-drive consisted of 6 different partitions - each one used for a particular back-up job.  There were 3 primary jobs (still are) which rotate so that I'm not overwriting the most recent back up.  These jobs basically backed up

1) Domain Controller and Exchange
2) Shared drives/Personal Folders (.pst)
3) Image Files from my image server

The C drive is a 17 GB drive with 4.1 GB of free space
Windows Firewall is turned off and no other firewall is on the unit.
I don't know if I can ping the default gateway when the event occurs but I know I can ping other IP's within the network itself including those that I wish to back-up.

I have Vipre antivirus/spyware protection on this box (and has been running on it for the past 2 years)
No changes have been made to this setup in quite some time.

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I would stop all backups for 36 hours and see if your scheduled backup jobs may have something to do with it. Sounds crazy, but 24 hours later? That sounds like something scheduled is misbehaving. It could also be your anti-virus (they DO make updates and changes that go awry)... Disable it first and see if it alleviates your issue.
Jerry MillerCommented:
How long does the workstation stay up between incidents? A few hours or days?

Also, I have you verfied that there is not a duplicate name or IP on the network? If there was another device on the network that somehow grabbed your static IP, it would cause issues similar to what you are describing.
akafitiAuthor Commented:
Jmiller - typically about 24 hours.  sometimes a little more, sometimes a little less.  I restarted the unit today around 3:00 so I'll check it when I get in tomorrow and throughout the day to get a better exact time period.  A lot of times I can't tell for sure when it actually happens.....

I already changed the static IP to a DHCP one and there are no other PC's with that name on the network.

Truromeo - I like your suggestion - as it can't hurt to see if it happens without Veritas running.  I'll wait for it to happen again (tomorrow) and then set the backup exec services to disabled and then restart and see if it happens.  If it does - then I'll stop the Vipre service and go from there.
akafitiAuthor Commented:
Also - not sure if this would have anything to do with this or not - but right about the time that the old external started acting up - the other member of my IT staff quit.  He was in essense the other full time administrator on the network.  Maybe by my disabling and deleting his active directory account cause this type of behavior?
Jerry MillerCommented:
Unless his ID is being used in the back-up process, probably not. If it was because of the ID, you should be getting constant failures and not intermittent ones.

I hate to think that another admin may have done anything, but I know that it sometimes happens. Did your other admin leave on good terms? Is it possible that he may have sabotaged the network / Back-Up PC in some way. Look for any new / odd / different scheduled tasks to make sure that there isn't something running to cause you headaches.

I don't think that you have drive space issues. You are probably getting the error when the network connectivity is being severed and the back-up program is maybe misinterpreting what has happened as an out of space event.

Have you checked Event Viewer? It may hold more details as to what is happening. Look for network connect / disconnect events.

How about a hardware issue with the NIC, ethernet cable, or the switch port? You could have an intermittent failure on one of these devices.
akafitiAuthor Commented:
He left on good terms.  I don't envision that being an issue.

It is now 10:40 AM here and the server can NOT get to our intranet site.  I had restarted the server yesterday at 3:00 PM.   So somewhere in that time period it lost its connection to the intranet, internet, and most network resources.

It CAN ping the default gateway.
It CAN ping google and it returns an IP from google
It CAN access the remote computer that it is currently backing up

It CAN NOT access any of the other computers which it would normally back up when running normally.  It can see the computers but they act as if that machine doesn't have permission.  I get the following:  

"\\computername is not accessible.  You might not have permission to use this network resource.  Contact the administrator of this server to find out if you have access permissions.  A device attached to the system is not functioning."

Once this backup finishes - then it won't be able to get to that server either.  It's like once the channel is opened - it keeps it - but then it closes and loses permissions.  Wierd how it can ping and resolve google's external IP address but won't bring it up in IE.

I have also attempted a WinSock fix in the past as well which I forgot to mention.

I agree that when the network connectivity is being severed - that is when the back-up program is considering it an out of space or lack of resource issue.

The following Events are in the event log as application errors since the last restart.

Event ID 9222 ( in there often - this is my firewall log error warning)
Error (9222), error initializing database access: unknown error, or connection error (con is null) (failure)

Event ID 1041
Windows cannot query DllName registry entry for {7B849a69-220F-451E-B3FE-2CB811AF94AE} and it will not be loaded. This is most likely caused by a faulty registration.

Event ID 1053 (likely the cause of my issue??)
Windows cannot determine the user or computer name. (Not enough storage is available to complete this operation. ). Group Policy processing aborted.

I'm really at a loss now...
"Not enough storage is available to complete this operation" is very often a message that indicates a kernel memory leak. After a reboot, things often work again, until enough kernel memory has "leaked away" to show the problem again.
Kernel leaks will cause OS functionality - like network connectivity - to gradually start failing.

You can check if this is the problem by monitoring the "Kernel Memory" section of the Peformance tab of Task Manager. Do the "paged" or "nonpaged" values show a gradually increasing trend from reboot until the problem manifests itself again? How high do they get when the problem shows?

Troubleshooting what component causes kernel memory leaks is quite specialized and requires tools like perfmon and poolmon. Google poolmon if you want to give troubleshooting a go.

However, kernel memory leaks are often related to antivirus software. Try uninstalling the AV software completely to see if the problem improves.

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akafitiAuthor Commented:
Denbosse - very good information.  I'll take a look at this right now and try uninstalling the antivirus on the machine as a starting point.  I'll then also try as suggested above and disable the backup as well to see if the problem happens with both anti-virus and backups turned off.

Although I'm now starting to wonder if I don't have larger issues going on within my network.  What should be my primary domain controller isn't showing as the primary when I enter set logonserver at a command prompt.  It's showing what should be the backup...

Then on my pc itself - I'm showing a backup domain controller that actually at a remote site...

And on my primary DC, I ran an FRSDiag utility that is showing I have file replication errors... Ugh... I'll start with your suggestions first before I start ripping everything apart because everything else is still working normally.
akafitiAuthor Commented:
I just restarted the server in question about 5:40 this evening.  I've written down the paged and nonpaged number under kernel memory.

I've uninstalled the anti-virus software AND disabled all backup exec services along with my watchguard log server which was on that machine as well.

Lets see if come tomorrow I lose network resources like I have been experiencing in the past.
akafitiAuthor Commented:
Just an update - as of 10:45 this AM - the server is still working fine with network access and internet access.  The kernel memory is up slightly from when I wrote the numbers down yesterday but nothing significant at all.

I've still got the Backup Exec, Watchguard Log, and Vipre either disabled or uninstalled.
akafitiAuthor Commented:
4:20 and still functioning fine.  I'll likely wait until tomorrow morning or afternoon and then start all the backup exec services and see if it stays stable
akafitiAuthor Commented:
Although things may still go awry - it appears that the main issue may have been with the Anti-Virus software or the Firewall Logs causing the workstation to lose network connectivity.
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