Outlook 2003 Multiple signatures One exchange profile

Exchange mailbox UserA
Exchange mailbox UserB
Mailbox UserA has full rights on Mailbox UserB
Client Outlook 2003

Outlook has one exchange mail profile (UserA), but also set to open UserB

When UserA sends an email as UserA the signature needs to be 'hey i'm userA'
When UserA sends an email as UserB the signature needs to be 'hey i'm userB'

How an this be achieved in Outlook 2003?
If not possible, does Outlook 2010 help me?

Many thanks for any replies.
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Jamie GillespieConnect With a Mentor Senior IT ConsultantCommented:
Hi there,

I am currently using Outlook 2010 at work. We are using Microsoft Exchange and I have my personal account set up along with an additional mailbox like you have above.

From what I can see you can only implement a signature to one Exchange email account when using Outlook.

You can achieve what you need above by installing software called Exclaimer that will handle all of your email signatures on the network centrally alongside your Microsoft Exchange Server.

Link:     http://www.exclaimer.com/products/mail-disclaimers/Default.aspx

With this product you can create a standard signature for your company which will pull out information in Active Directory to get details of the individual every time they send an email.

This is  the best solution for businesses that use Microsoft Exchange.

Really hope this helps.
SGrossmannConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The Signature needs to be set manually.

You can configure different signatures, but only one signature as the default signature for the exchange account.
When sending a new message Click on "Insert"> Signature, then select which one to use.
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I just realized that you said 2003, I'm not sure if that option is in there or not, the Screenshot is from 2007.
pc-cytAuthor Commented:
I think 2003 has similar to your screenshot, I was looking for a 'smarter' or 'automatic' way.
Any ideas if 2010 makes any difference?
Outlook 2010 works the same way.

There might be an 3rd party solution for that, but never heard of it.
As the guys say above you'll need to add signature manually if in UserA's profile.

If you want it to be automatic you'll need to cerate a separate profile for UserB  with UserB's signature but use UserA's credentials to log on.
pc-cytAuthor Commented:
ConUladh can your clarify your comment - I'm confused by it
ConUladhConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I'm suggesting you create a separate mail profile for when UserA wants to work as UserB, not the most convenient but at least that way the autosignature for UserB would be in place.
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