Project Portfolio 2007 issue, With Sharepoint

Project Portfolio 2007 issue
Really need some help with Project Portfolio server install? This is my first time installing, I did download the how to doc from Microsoft,    but I am stuck at the install

I'm confused on how to install the Database and the Reporting Services.

 I am trying to install the Database on our database SQL server and The reporting services on another server, but i just don't see the option to do so.

I am running server 2003 32bit, and SQL 2005
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I know it might be a little too much to suggest but why not upgrade to SP 2010 and then install Project Server 2010?
Much better and a lot more usable.
Dr. Thomas HenkelmannDirector Consulting ServicesCommented:

the setup for PPS 2007 and Reporting Services are completely separate. During PPS installation you are being asked on which SQL Server the PPSAccountIndex and the PPSAccountData have been setup or should be created. For the SSRS installation you are being asked where the databases for Reporting Services should be setup, they are created by the SSRS Configuration program. This can be another SQL Server than PPS 2007!

The PPS setup program only asks for the location of the SSRS report templates and tries to copy the PPS report templates into this directory.

Hope this helps

sirichaiphumiratAuthor Commented:

Thank  you for your response.

This is where I got confuse. Since there is two separate install, am I able to install PPS 2007 on one server and have it point to two different servers, one which will be the SQL server and the other being the Reporting Services.

Or does it mean I have to have two different servers and installs of PPS 2007. For example, I'll have to install PPS 2007 on serverA and point it to the SQL server and then install another PP7 on ServerB and point that to the Reporting Service server.

Because I have been trying to install PPS 2007 on one server, but I do not see any kind of option for me to install and point the Reporting Services anywhere.

This is how I have been trying to do the install

1. At the start of the install, I'll get asked on the location of the DB server, after putting that in, the install will be done.

2. Now I go back and start the install process again to add on the reporting Service feature, but now I don't see any option for me to install this on a different server.

@thausal , Have you had success with the installation of PPS 2007 before?

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Dr. Thomas HenkelmannDirector Consulting ServicesCommented:

I've run 5 or 6 implementation projects for PPS 2007 and your assumptions are mostly correct:

- you only need to install PPS on ONE server, this will be your application server
- the SQL server can be "somewhere", i.e. on the PPS server or any other server where the database resides
- also the Reporting Services can run on any other machine or the PPS machine itself

In the end you need to have an application server running PPS 2007. The configuration (in the WEB.CONFIG file) then points to the right SQL server for the database and to the right Reporting Services server for the PPS reports.

Where are you in the installation process?

sirichaiphumiratAuthor Commented:
I'm still on the installation part, I have been re-installing it many times.

i'm guessing i'm on the right track on the installation process.

so after my complete installation, i'll have to find web.config and edit the file so that PPS points to the reporting services server?

again thank you very much for your help.
sirichaiphumiratAuthor Commented:
also after installation, how do I even access PPS 2007
sirichaiphumiratAuthor Commented:
Any more help on this issue?
Dr. Thomas HenkelmannDirector Consulting ServicesCommented:

after you installed PPS, the Windows account that you used during installation has been setup as the super user. This means you connect to http://yourservername:port/portfolioserver/DEFAULT.aspx and should be logged on. If there is only PPS installed on your server and NO SharePoint you only need yourservername/portfolio...., if you have SharePoint on your server, one of the steps in the installation asked you to define a separate web (and port, e.g. 81). In this case you need to connect to http://yourservername:81/portfolio....

Regarding your earlier question on Reporting Services: yes, you set the url for the Reporting Services server in the web.config file. You find it in the installation directory for Portfolioserver, usually in c:\program files\Portfolioserver 2007\Portfolioserver OR c:\inetpub\wwwroot\Portfolioserver (depends on your installation settings).

Let me know how this works!

sirichaiphumiratAuthor Commented:
I'm still a bit confusedon the web.conf part and where to add the server name for my reporting service server.

i however did managed to finally hit the PPS site, but when logging in. I get an error message saying "cannot open database "PPSAccountIndex" requested by the login. The Login Failed.

I used the same login I installed PPS with.

again thank for your help!!
Dr. Thomas HenkelmannDirector Consulting ServicesCommented:

sounds like your database connection is not configured correctly. The login in your error message is the SQL login, not the PPS login. Please check the following entry in the web.config file:

<add key="PPSAccountIndex.ConnectionString" value="Provider=SQLOLEDB.1;Integrated security=SSPI;Initial Catalog=PPSAccountIndex;Data Source=SQLSERVERNAME;Workstation ID=XXX;Use Procedure for Prepare=1;Auto Translate=True;Packet Size=4096"/>

This ONLY works if the Windows account that has been assigned to the application pool for the Portfolio Server website is a db_owner in the PPSAccountIndex database!

Alternatively you can use SQL authentication:

<add key="PPSAccountIndex.ConnectionString" value="Provider=SQLOLEDB.1;Initial Catalog=PPSAccountIndex;Data Source=SQLSERVERNAME;User ID=SQLUSERNAME;Password=SQLUSERPASSWORD;Workstation ID=XXX;Use Procedure for Prepare=1;Auto Translate=True;Packet Size=4096"/>


The Reporting Services server is configured in this line:

<add key="ReportServerUrl" value="http://REPORTINGSERVER/ReportServer/"/>


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sirichaiphumiratAuthor Commented:
great thanks let me try that.
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