Iphone 3G slows exchange to a crawl and does not sync calendar

Hello, we have SBS 2008.

About three months ago the Dr's Iphone stopped syncing calendar items and the server got extremely slow. I re-loaded the server and applied all updates and Exchange service packs. Everything works great. However when his phone is set to sync everything gets extremely slow, store.exe uses about 27+ percent of the CPU and his calendar still does not sync to the phone. He has a large amount of recurring and appointments in general. On the iphone we have installed the newest 4.0.1 OS and also tried this patch

So I am out of ideas. Apple is out of ideas and says its Exchange. Exchange troublehshooting tools report an extremely high RPC load from his phone. When it tries to sync.
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Ugh. phones + exchange = always fun.
What version of exchange? 2010 does a lot better with this than 2003 (or even 2007);
How big of an operation is this? How many users on the server?
Has this doc had other phones in the past? The biggest calendar/sync issue I see is with recurring appointments where the end date is messed up - i.e. "recur until" - each device keeps it a different way. Exchange has "no end", but some phones have had stuff like 1/1/3500...
This sounds more like legitimate thrashing, though...
There's also the rather obvious suggestion of cleaning out his mail and calendar of old stuff...I work with doctors, though, so I know how that goes. :)
If his mailbox is huge, though, and it's primarily the phone that's struggling, it really might be time to get a new phone...3GS if not 4. There will indeed be a ton of traffic and effort to sync a full version of a large mailbox.

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borgmemberAuthor Commented:
He opted for the new phone. I will know something in the next few days. I will keep everyone updated. Thanks
borgmemberAuthor Commented:
He got the new phone and it has the same issue. He is going to stop using the phone to sync the calendar and carry his laptop. Thanks
borgmemberAuthor Commented:
See last post.
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