SBS 2003 exchange mailbox store at 75GB can it be increased!

I have a customer who has a SBS 2003 server.  It of course has exchange 2003 with SP2.  The mailbox store has exceeded 75GB and is shutting down every day.  From my knowledge SBS 2003 Exchange is standard so it only allows for 1 mail store.  

Does anyone have a solution for this problem aside from deleting mail?
I have already emptied all the deleted items folders and setup policies in exchange to delete items as soon as they are deleted.
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However you can dismount the store and run an offline defrag and reduce the amount of whitespace in the database

Use eseutil /d

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You can ask users to archive emails to pst stored on a shared location and you can back them up according to requirements. You can ask them to encrypt the same with password so no one else can open them.
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Put simple there is no LEGAL way (and I don't even know if there's an illegal way) to increase the size of the mail store.  If you reached the limit, you might want to think about migrating to SBS 2008.  Exchange 2007 which is part of 2008 does not have the 75 GB limit and even allows you to create multiple mail stores.
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supports > Network based PST >> STRICTLY BAD IDEA.

here's why

Check this guide on offline defrag

That will reduce some space for you.

After that, you can Exmerge the data out (very very temporary solution)

Long-term, I will go with LEEW and recommend a migration to SBS 2008

Run the Internet Connection Wizard in the SBS console and check your email deletion retention settings, by default it is 30 days, so take that down to 14 days and it might clear up some space.

This would only be a short term fix however.
tsukrawAuthor Commented:
retention was set down to 1day about a month ago...They had the issue then and didnt want to spend any money to fix it back then...
As of right now i think the solution is going to be going to SBS2008 here next week.

We are going to load it in Hyper-V with another server.  "yuck in my opinion"  I would much rather use VMware.  It is a ML150 G5 which is not on the HCL i dont think..
tsukrawAuthor Commented:
OK i know this isnt a solution just a temp fix.  We have a new server on its way and upgrading to SBS2008.  But until it arrives exchange is going down every day.  Is there a way to make say a bat file or something i could schedule to remount the exchange store every morning until we get the new serve here next week.
temp solution would be to exmerge some of the huge mailboxes you have and have that loaded as a PST in Outlook.

thats a much better solution than having a batch file remount it.
If EDB continues to dismount, it might bring in some other errors. It's better that EDB doesnt dismount - rather than to have a batch file try to mount a dismounted EDB

About a script mounting EDB's you can take a look at the script here

Strictly not advisable to have this periodically mount EDB's.

Better option is to reduce size
and then do an offline defrag with eseutil /d

tsukrawAuthor Commented:
There really was no way to expand this.  We ended up migrating to SBS2008.  As a temp solution to the database dismounting every morning was to put in a script that caused it to restart every morning.
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
So why the "B" grade?  Because we couldn't tell you how to violate licensing?  
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