My PC "freezes", no respons whatsoever.

Only remedy is restart to fail-safe mode via the on/off button, and then, when normal operation is resumed, It may freeze again within minutes. It is a Dell XPS M1330, with Vista and MSO 2007. A consultant have spent 2 hours (and 300 $), without result - searching for vira with no result.
I have gradually stripped it for all peripherals and the problem persists even with only a mouse connected. However the problem stopped when I disconnected the Wireless Network (WLAN) - by switching off the Wi-Fi catcher - and used a broadband modem cable instead. This takes place at my office - at home (and other places, like hotels etc) I have no problems using WLAN.

So my problems may be solved - at least the symptoms have gone, but I should very much like to know if anyone have experienced similar problems, and what you have done about it. In principle there may still be a hardware/software problem somewhere in the network system, or one of the wireless network close to my office may send "dirty" signals which causes my PC to freeze.

So if anyone have experienced similar problems, I should very much like to know. Thanks in advance.
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This is most likely a hardware failure on the WLAN part. If the WLAN is integrated your $300 would have been better spent replacing that Motherboard, if its not then change WLAN only. Hope this helps.
ENVIRONAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your suggestion which I will consider. However, if it is a hardware failure - why does it only appear in my office surroundings, not at home (where we have our own WLAN), not at the hotel I visited for some days last week (also with a guest WLAN).

If it is a hardware failure I should imagine that it will have effect on all WLAN it catches!?
1 What type of router do you have in your office?
2 Do you have control over the router or does your office have an IT department that has?
Anyway, the computer would probably not freeze if it were not for hardware and/or associated drivers.
0. Contact your IT department for advice
1. Update the driver for your Wlan adapter and test
2. Contact Dell for a new WLAN adapter reinstall driver and test.
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ENVIRONAuthor Commented:
Hello Ghenström: Thanks a lot for your advice, I will as soon as possible contact our local Dell for an update of the WLAN driver. Hope this helps, and I will report back on the result.

I run a one-man consultancy, so I am the IT dept (as well as financial, shipping and secretary), and I share offices and broadband internet access with 3 similar operations. Access to the router in the office has always been via broadband cable, but normally the wifi catcher switch is on because of the WLAN I use at home. Unfortunately I can't control the WLANS and the routers in the vicinity of my office, which may be the cause of all the trouble.
By mistake I have had Wifi running as well as my mobile broadband adapter - and that makes Vista choose one of them only. As both of them are heading toward the Internet the problem is only the speed. If you are comfortable with IP addressing, the command route print under the command prompt would give you some information on what is actually going on from your computer in different situations. The rightmost column would give you the relative speed of different channels.
However, as you have admitted, you switch off the wifi in your office - that would of course be the only straightforward thing to do in your situation. If you use wifi you should use one preferred SSID/pass phrase combination only and for security never use any open wifi networks ever.

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ENVIRONAuthor Commented:
Hi again Ghenström. And thanks again for your suggestions. What I will do now, as soon as I come to it, is to order an updated driver for my WLAN from DELL.

The hardware is an Intel Wireless WiFiLink4965AGN, and the driver name is NETw4v32.sys, supporting 54 kbps.

But as off now the "fix" is now, at my office surroundings to switch off the wifi catcher and use broadband cable. This I can live with and it does not give any trouble whatsoever.

But due to urgent business tasks the installation of a new driver will have to wait for som time, and I therefore consider the problem solved, and will revert to the matter only if the problem persists with the new driver installed.

So, thanks once again I apprieciate your support.
ENVIRONAuthor Commented:
Then problem has been fixed for now. A full solution will have to avait installation of a new driver. At that time I will revert to the matter if the problem persists.
The expert has shown fine attention and emphaty to my problem and provided good guidance
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