Cannot create a group in Active Directory, 'The specified group already exists'.

I am trying to create a group on our Active Directory (Windows 2003 SBS based) but when I do, it says it can't create the object because it already doesn't.  Some background:

This server is going to be retired as a DC, so I'm stripping out all the roles it used to carry out for us.  The last one I removed was the Sophos Enterprise console, which is where the problem lies.  The Sophos EC has been moved to another machine and is running well, but any server which is either a DC or a PDC needs to look to an Active Directory group called Sophos Administrators for it to run.  These groups were removed when Sophos was uninstalled, but when I try to re-add one it says it already exists!!  I have had a good look through AD users and computers and it's nowhere to be found.  
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Mike ThomasConsultantCommented:
The old (deleted) group will be tombstoned and un usable, your probably better off restoring that group.

See if ad restore can get the group back for you.

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-Juddy-Author Commented:
What a fantastic app!!  It's brought back the AD objects, but they are called (example) myrestoredgroupTmpRn.........why the TmpRn suffix?
Mike ThomasConsultantCommented:
Not sure but maybe so you can identify them and so they won't cause conflicts? just rename them back.
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-Juddy-Author Commented:
Sorry, I'm being dim.....I suppose it's just to highlight the fact that it's been restored by the tool.  There's a GUI version too:
Mike ThomasConsultantCommented:
BTW there is a very nice gui tool linked from this page call

Direct Link to Download
-Juddy-Author Commented:
Point coming your way, top man!!
-Juddy-Author Commented:
Just great!
Premkumar YogeswaranAnalyst II - System AdministratorCommented:
Can you check this in AD

open command prompt and copy paste the comment below

dsquery group -name *Sophos*

also check this

dsquery user -name *Sophos*

Check this query and let us know if you find any thing...

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