How to impement Astersk with Vlans ?

Dear All

Iam running Elastix 1.6 now i want to know how to implement Vlans should i have 2 NIC cards or what , and what i shall do to make Vlan working fine with my machine . Another thing  what i want to do to seperate between data and voice , is this related with the the hard ware switsh or router  i have or the vlan solution is enough ,
for give me if i want clear as iam confused in this part

thanks .............
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There isn't anything special you'll have to do with Elastix, just configure the vlan in the switch, and you should be good to go.

Voice is data when you are talking about Voip. Do you mean separate out the voip traffic from the rest of the traffic? If so, just fire up QoS in the switch and prioritize UDP traffic, then use your vlan.
tahasipAuthor Commented:
Ok , but about this post how it can help me ?

Also note iam not using cisco switch it is planet swith but it also contain vlan

look all what i need to make the performance of the voice more good and separated than any trafic  as say some one doing download and iam speaking i dont want the call to be cutting in voice and bad so , i  want  to be in separated world i hope you understand me

What, specifically, are you worried about security-wise? People on your LAN listening to phone calls? Or people outside your LAN listening to phone calls?
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tahasipAuthor Commented:
all what you said about security is requiered but now from out side lan is much more important
but all what i want to chieve to have the best voip environment using Elastix , no voice cutting no delay i think all of this will be done if you could separate the voip or the voice trafice than any other trafic that is what i want .

I didn't say anything about security. I asked YOU what YOU were concerned with....

vLANs will not help you with outside LAN security. For that, you have to use encryption. Check and see if Elastix supports sRTP. If not, you'll need to build a secure Asterisk box.

Here is my guide on how to do that:

If Elastix DOES support sRTP, then you can still use the Polycom phone section of the guide as a reference for whatever phones you use. They are all approximately the same.
tahasipAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your replay
For security issue iam using Tls is this enough ?
but also you didnot get what i want i want to separate the voice packets from any other packets using this VLANS as i told you befor iam using Elastix and there is many posts that mention VLAN in asterisk so, this is my question how can i do this VLANS And what benfites come to me

i hope you get what i want here

There are two types of TLS. That for encryption for authentication, and that for the phone conversations. If you're doing it for the RTP (phone conversations) then yes.

I did get what you want to do with separation of voice from data, and the post you put above is how to do it. Doing I am fairly sure that Elastix won't have VLAN configuration in the GUI or you would have found it by now. So, you'll have to log into the shell of the Elastix box if you want to do it.

The only benefit I see to VLANs is:

1. You can keep people off the VoIP network that are not supposed to be on it.
2. You can separate the voice UDP from the regular traffic.

In any case, if you want to use VLANs you will have to enter the shell of Elastix to set this up (requires Linux knowledge).
tahasipAuthor Commented:
ok i know about elastix shelll but what to do?
Your post above ( details what to do. I am not sure what you're asking.

Can you be more specific?

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tahasipAuthor Commented:
still not have complete solution
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