SharePoint 2007: Site Actions hide toolbar menu item disabled - how to reenable?

In my SharePint 2007 implementation I have a problem that the toolbar (showing version etc.) is visible for several users, that should not be able to edit the page and when I log on with my admin account I cant disable the toolbar, since the menu item in the site actions menu - where you can hide the toolbar is disabled - what to do?
Jane Noesgaard LarsenCRM Application SpecialistAsked:
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Justin ImesFull Time SharePoint JediCommented:
The Site Actions Toolbar is based off of permissions, I would double check the permissions and make sure those users are not placed in a contributor or owner group, because if so they will have access to site actions.

if those users only need read access, make sure they are in the visitors group.
Jane Noesgaard LarsenCRM Application SpecialistAuthor Commented:
problem is that my site owner user can't disable the toolbar either...
Lke jimes said - the problem does not lay in the toolbar - it lays in the permissions. Even if you disable the toolbar users will be able to access the functionalit. It would be a good practise to take away their permissions rather than just hide the buttons.
But if for some reason you want to hide the toolbar but not restrict permissions (for ex. you want users to have access to these functionalities, but you want your page to look nice and neat) you can hide the toolbar openning the page using SharePoint Designer. Right-click on the web part, pick "web part properties" and you will be able to hide the toolbar.
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Jane Noesgaard LarsenCRM Application SpecialistAuthor Commented:
Is it possibel to find out why i suddenly can't hide the toolbar using SharePoint UI? I want to be able to enable it as needed, when we edit these pages, but the toolbar should not be visible normally
In sharepoint you have 2 types of web part pages:
  • standard, stored in the document libraries + default.aspx
  • list related - list views, disp form, addnew form and edit form
On the list related pages the web part customization pane is disabled allong with the "Edit page" button in the site action. This is done to prevent from temptering with the standard pages.
Does the page address contain /lists/ and the name of the list or name of the library and "/_forms/"? If so then these are the the list related pages which have the editing disabled and you can modify them only using SharePoint designer.
Jane Noesgaard LarsenCRM Application SpecialistAuthor Commented:
no, the page is the front page of the site (standard) - it contains news etc. of cause including content queries...

I don't know if I'm writing the name of the toolbar correctly, since my SharePoint is in danish, but I think the menu item is: "Hide page editing toolbar" that is disabled at the moment, even for the admin/site owner user at the moment - I'm a little lost as to why... I know it's rights based but then my owner user should be able to hide it?
Can you provide some screenshots? Please circle the area where you think something should be visible and it's not. And please provide the sceenshot of the menu with the item "Hide page editing toolbar".
This is MOSS, right? Is this page checkedout by someone else?
If i may, i believe the page needs to be published as a Major version to make the "Hide page editing toolbar" available.

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Jane Noesgaard LarsenCRM Application SpecialistAuthor Commented:
you may - that might be the reason because there are minor versions available right now - nothing I can publish though... (it's not approved yet)
Jane Noesgaard LarsenCRM Application SpecialistAuthor Commented:
That was the reason - thx!
I get this problem with an EditForm of a List for witch Versioning is not enabled.

Instead of designer, I added "&pageview=shared&toolpaneview=2" to the end of the EditForm URL.

This exposes/enables Site Actions menu Edit Page Option.

I've added a CEWP Webpart to Hide Controls that I do not want to show based on the referer URL.

The same CEWP Webpart works fine for the "DispForm" that I've Edited using the same technique.

When attemtping to end and save my changes I get the Green Version/Edit Ribbon with the following message  "The page you are attempting to save has been modified by another user since you began editing. Choose one of the following options."
I can't get it to go away(having tried all options given) unless I remove the CEWP webpart.  I've tried non-configured CEWP and CEWP as the one that works on my DispForm.aspx page.  Either something about the CEWP on the EditForm just doesn't work (which doesn't make sense) or ?????

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