Installing Exchange System Manager on XP Pro SP3 failed

I'm trying to install ESM on win xp pro sp3 box. It fail to registering nntpmgr.dll.
Here's the log
[08:01:47] Interpreting line <CreateProcess:D:\Program Files\Exchsrvr\bin;regsvr32.exe -s nntpmgr.dll;180000> -- ID:31259 --
[08:01:47] Process created ... waiting (180000)
[08:01:47] Process has exited with 0x000005
[08:01:47] The command

      regsvr32.exe -s nntpmgr.dll

failed, returning error code 5 (Access is denied.). -- ID:31136 -- ScCreateProcess (f:\titanium\admin\src\libs\exsetup\hiddenw1.cxx:1821)
           Error code 0XC103798A (31114): An internal component has failed.
[08:01:47]  CInsParser::ScProcessLine (f:\titanium\admin\src\libs\exsetup\hiddenw1.cxx:1225)
           Error code 0XC103798A (31114): An internal component has failed.
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did you install the iis components on your xp machine
zehrenAuthor Commented:
What version of exchange are you running?
Is it 64bit or 32 client?
If 2007 and XP is 32 bit, you need the 32 bit software. If not, can you tell us what versions the client/servers are etc. cheers
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zehrenAuthor Commented:
Ya, that would be some good info to know.
It's Exchange 2k3 Version 6.5 SP2.
ESM is being installed on a  workstation that is also running outlook. If that really matters.
Is the XP client 64 bit?
have you tried to manually run the command that is failing

regsvr32.exe -s nntpmgr.dll
zehrenAuthor Commented:
Yes, and I've also try it with out the -s flag.
see image below for error.
Shreedhar EtteCommented:

Kindly take the action as per the article:

Hope this helps,
zehrenAuthor Commented:
?? Hmm, well yes. that's what I did first.
Admin pack is installed and functioning. SMTP vert server is also installed.
So I'm not sure if there is something else you'd like me to check.
Shreedhar EtteCommented:
Kindly upload the entire logs file.
zehrenAuthor Commented:
Okay here's the errors when I try to install ESM along with the log file.
Enjoy ;-)
locate the nntpmgr.dll file within the exchange CD (or install folder)
then try
regsvr32 <path to dll>\nntpmgr.dll

i would also try the smtpmgr.dll file since it was successful during install
zehrenAuthor Commented:
regsvr32 <path to dll>\nntpmgr.dll = Dllregisterserver in nntpmgr.dll failed return code was: 0x8007005.
regsvr32 <path to dll>\nntpmgr.dll = Dllregisterserver in smtpmgr.dll succeeded.
check the permissions for your HKCR and your c:\Program Files\Exchsrvr\bin directory
zehrenAuthor Commented:
Permissions on c:\Program Files\Exchsrvr\bin directory are the same as other win xp boxes.
please give me more reg key info so I can check that location.
make sure your account has full control to the HKCR key
search the HKCR for the nntpmgr.dll and check the permissions there
zehrenAuthor Commented:
sorry for the delay in closing question.
I gave up on this issue and gave user limited access to server via RDP.

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