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Cannot change IP of server 2003 system

recently we changed ip range. It was rough but got it done.

There was an issue with the PDC not wanting to change IP.

I ended up promoting another DC to PDC.

The Old PDC ended up getting a dcpromo /forceremoval
Add remove programs DNS and WINS.

The network is static. I am still not able to change the IP information.

with in the GUI I change the IP, Subnet, Default Gateway and the DNS to the new correct settings.

When I close the dialog window and reopen it is back to the original configuration.
After changing when I do a reboot it diverts back to the old DNS settings.

It appears that I cleared roles properly with the dcpromo /forceremoval since when I try a ntdsutil metadata cleenup then connections it will not get past that point when looking for the server to connect.

A DCdiag.exe says the DC cannot be found.

More or less I just need to Change the IP on this server 2003 SP2 system to rejoin it to the domain then re add AD and DNS.

1 Solution
Have you tried unplugging from network, changing it, then running ipconfig /registerdns and then DCdiag /fix?
it is unplugged from the network.

dcdiag /fix says there is no DC. I believe the dcpromo /forceremoval took it out.
Have you done the IP stack reset?
netsh int ip reset c:\resetlog.txt
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nope not yet, I will have to try that and I will let you know how it works, Feel free to keep throwing ideas out, It is the end of my work day currently I will check this asap.
If the netsh doesn't work, try deleting the network card from the device manager and letting windows rediscover it.
Is it running wins server?
Since a DC was removed in an unclean manner, you must manually clean up entries in AD and DNS.

Instructions for the first part are here:

For the DNS, take a look at Then go into your DNS and trawl through, looking for any SRV records that reference the old PDC. Delete those.

Also see the instructions here:

In all honesty your best bet will be to rebuild it from scratch. If the demotion had to be forced you'd be better off rebuilding and starting with a clean slate on the box, particularly if it's just a DC and DNS server.

Follow flakiers post about cleaning up AD and DNS and then rebuild. Should only take a few hours and then you know you've got a solid system to build on.
Looks as if it is what I will have to do. Nothing else seemed to fix the issue. Thank you for reaffirming my fears.
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