vpmsece.dll error

Everytime my user open Outlook and everytime she opens a email she gets this error

 "The add-in 'C:\Program Files\Symantec_Client_Security\Symantec AntiVirus\vpmsece.dll' could not be installed ..."
I ran Detect and Repair that didn't help

I've done all of this  twice  and the error kept coming back~~~

To find and delete copies of Extend.dat
Exit Outlook if the program is open.
Confirm that Windows is set to show hidden and system folders.
To show hidden and system folders, read How to make Windows show all files.
On the Windows taskbar, click Start > Search > For Files or Folders.
Under "Search for files or folders named," type the following text:


Click Search Now.
Wait for the search to finish.
Delete all copies of the Extend.dat file.
Restart the computer.

I went into the registry and did this
You may also need to remove some registry keys pointing to the older software. It is recommended to first backup your registry before making changes

The Extend.dat data is found in the Registry at:


Then you will see Symantec Anti-virus plug in. Delete that key that will take it out.

So I removed both applications and ran a clean up for both applications.  Reinstalled Outlook 2003 everything was good, waited a couple of days and install Symantec 11.x and the problem is back.  I am at my wites end I have been able to fix this error in the past but this one keeps coming back.  BTW this is a fresh image on this computer......
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There is a problem happening when the Symantec plugin for Outlook gets installed.  It is not possible to determine if it is Outlook or Windows.
Make sure you have all service packs and hotfixes installed for both WIndows and Outlook/Office and then try again.
MzFireAuthor Commented:
Technically all updates on applied but the error keeps coming back
Mohammed HamadaSenior IT ConsultantCommented:
Have you considered uninstalling Symantec from her PC  ? I recommend you don't mess with MS Outlook till you make sure that the main cause is not coming from Symantec it self.
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MzFireAuthor Commented:
It is Symantec, yes please read the bottom of my post.
" I removed both applications and ran a clean up for both applications.  Reinstalled Outlook 2003 everything was good, waited a couple of days and install Symantec 11.x and the problem is back."
Mohammed HamadaSenior IT ConsultantCommented:
You should uninstall both again and reinstall but when you are about to install symantec choose the advanced installation and untick the plugin for Outlook. I think that will solve it.
You'll lose the ability to scan emails as they are received and instead will have to rely on the real-time engine to stop viruses when attachments are opened.
In cases like this, I would install a different AV product on that PC.
MzFireAuthor Commented:
that is not going to work......SEPM which we uses a package to install and when i create the package I am limited to what I can select  because our corporate office set the defaults.  Does anyone know of a fix for this.  I don't want a work around I want to fix it. If not then please close this question.
This is definitely a problem with symantec.  Since their program is causing the problem I would try contacting their technical support.  I know they usually dont know what they are talking about but since installing another av program is not an option i would try that.  It certanly can't hurt.  Sometimes you get lucky and get a knowledgeable guy.
Mohammed HamadaSenior IT ConsultantCommented:
MzFireAuthor Commented:
The solution for me  was to upgrade SEPM to 11.0.5002.333 and run detect and repair that did work so I deleted the user profile and NO MORE ERROR.....yeah me!!!!

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MzFireAuthor Commented:
Let me be clear just upgrading SEP and running detect and repair DID NOT WORK. Deleting her profile and rebooting and logging back in as the user worked.  The end user is very happpppppy!!!!
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