Turn off SQL 2008 Password Policy for entire instance

I am importing a database and users, but when I do,  I receive an error about the passwords not being complex enough.  This is a SQL 2008 server, and I want to disable the password policy on the instance, then do the import.  Is this possible? I know how to do it for individual logins.

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If you are creating a new login using CREATE LOGIN, you can use two clauses related to password policy: CHECK_POLICY and CHECK_EXPIRATION. If they are not specified, the default for CHECK_POLICY is ON and for CHECK_EXPIRATION is OFF.

These options can be changed at a later time using ALTER LOGIN. CHECK_POLICY governs the bulk of password policy enforcement related to password strength and lock out. CHECK_EXPIRATION separately covers the enforcement of password expiration, which was considered too disruptive for the rolling out of this feature, to be enabled by default.

CHECK_EXPIRATION is also required when using the MUST_CHANGE option, to force a password change on the first login through that account. CHECK EXPIRATION depends on CHECK_POLICY; other dependencies are covered in BOL.

USE [master]

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Three possible workarounds are:

change the local/domain password policy;
use a password that meets the password policy requirements; or,
use the CHECK_POLICY option to disable policy validation:

Goto Start - > Run -> type secpol.msc ->
Then goto \Security Settings\Account Policies\Password Policy

disable complexity requirements and try.
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