IP Phone data in ActiveDirectory

Under the User Properties in AD, there is the Telephones tab. We use the IP Phone field to store remote working token serial numbers, as this is what our VPN software is configured to look for.

When initially setup, the Serial Numbers were entered by clicking "Other" next to the IP Phone box and then adding them.
This leaves the IP Phone field blank and the data stored as an Array...somewhere.

Using MS's AD Extraction tool, we can extract data entered/stored in the IP Phone field, but not when it's entered in the 'Other' dialogue box.

Could someone please tell me where this data is stored please? I've provided some images to help.
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MisterTwelveConnect With a Mentor Commented:
In this image you can see all of "Others" telephone proprieties
I thinks this should Help, let me know if not

MisterTwelveConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The propriety contains that value is otherIpPhone
you can consult this with ADSIEDIT
E-Z-PCAuthor Commented:
All sorted. Got the extracted information that I needed. Cheers for the help.
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