JSP positioning

I have a jsp which has a button.

On click i open up a new independent jsp. How do i position it to place i require.

I know onload option calling js. But i dont want onload.

This should happen as soon as jsp is triggered before processing happens.

Any experts?
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Open the window and move it to where you want to be:


function f() {
   wnd = window.open (url, name, options);
   wnd.moveTo (123, 456);
<a href="" onclick="f()" />

See: http://www.pageresource.com/jscript/jwinopen.htm

Most notably the last section entitled "Set the Window Position"
Here is also a handy way to obtain the main window's size/position.  With that and a little math you can then position your popup window relative to the main window instead of at specific monitor coordinates.

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mahalasaAuthor Commented:
can resize sometimes lead to loss of data?  i see that sporadically it goes blank.
mahalasaAuthor Commented:
Hi drcheap...i have whole set of data to be passed to new jsp through js. How do i do it?
mahalasaAuthor Commented:
any experts on jsp?
Sathish David Kumar NArchitectCommented:
sorry i didnt get your question clealy?
when u click button that timw new window or same window will open the new Jsp??
can you tell clearly?
mahalasaAuthor Commented:
will check with these solutions
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