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I'm looking for an ADSL router which allows me to permit Port forwarding from restricted public IP addresses only.  Any recommendations?
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Find a setup screen for defining / restricting access.
This is still meant to be private network to DSL external network.
This router even allows for internal static routes if you have several subnet's to be connected.
it allows as well to define connections via VPN between two boxes, if that helps in your case.
Have a look at: (this is in english)

Netgear DG824G - Nice, cheap and easy to use

Can specify IP Ranges to allow
Basically there are many routers out there that might come into question.
I am using a AVM Fritz Box 7270 but a smaller one will do as well.
I had been using a DLink before, but that seemed to have had an issue with the WLAN part so I dumped it.
Besides this Linksys offers good DSL routers as well for reasonable prices.
If you take a look, then you might find some additional options, like flashing it with an open source firmware like DDWRT2 or Tomato. You then need to take care that the model you choose is supported and has enough flash memory to take the firmware flash. Read through the forums there, to get more insight.
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Most of the today's DSL routers allow to configure DMZs question there would be, if they as well allow for using a service like dyndns, so you have a chance to use a name and not a fixed ip from outside.
The AVM does this.
SimonLewisAuthor Commented:
Perhaps if I give more information that will help.

Its for business premises, a customer needs access to the SQL port on an internal server.  Rather than open up the port to the entire internet I want to restrict it to a specific source IP.

Does that help?
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