Migrate Microsoft CRM 4


I have to Migrate a MS CRM 4 from an old server to a new sbs.

I have to migrate the DB and the CRM 4, there is the same AD.

What is the bedste practice ?

Shell i install the new DB CRM 4 on 2005 sql or on 2008 sql ?
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The best practice is at this link http://support.microsoft.com/kb/952934

You want the section titled:
Redeploy the Microsoft Dynamics CRM deployment that includes the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Server within the same domain or to another domain.

You can install on either SQL 2005 or 2008, it shouldn't make a difference

Yep, look at the above section.  I would recommend moving to SQL 2008.  When version 5 is released you may as well have the software base already in place.


If you can get SQL 2008 R2 running it gives some great new tools with the reporting services that the users seem to like.
The migration itself seemed to go quite smoothly when we did it here as long as you follow the steps in the article above you should be ok.
If you do decide to install with SQL 2008 R2 then make sure you run the setup updates when you install it and try to install on the default instance if possible, otherwise you need to bypass some of the setup checks.
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radutAuthor Commented:

To things..

1. Where do i se what the DB is in the old CRM, i can se 3. and the installguide app where i can change the organisation will not start up.

2. and the one in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\MSCRM dos not look like it

3. where do i find the key for the CRM ?
Hi Radut

Most likely the database will be the default instance on the server the sql is installed. From there you can use SQL to find the location of the database.

I would image you will find it in c:\program files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL and the database will be called your company name
radutAuthor Commented:
Yes .. and there are 3 of those ..
radutAuthor Commented:
I get an error form this :

g. Select the method in the Method for the Mapping of the Users list, and then click Next.

The error:
At least must the instaltion user be added before this organisaction is importet.

But the user .. Administrator is added..  

What do i do ?

Have you tried choosing to map the users manually? This should advise and you can see where a user might not be mapped.

The other thing to watch for is that the installation user might not be the administrator account. Look for other accounts that might have been used to install this.

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