AS400 application emulation

I have some programs that are running on a AS400. I have moved most of them off to windows machine by replacing them, but I have one that I cannot get off for a long while and I would like to stop using my as400.
is there places that can host as400 applications and have secure connections, or is there somewhere I can get an rpg emulator so I can run this on a windows machine?
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Gary PattersonVP Technology / Senior Consultant Commented:
Plenty of AS/400 hosting providers.  Google "AS/400 hosting", and "iseries hosting", and also check out these folks: (I use them - great service).

There used to be an AS/400 simulator for the PC called Baby/400 from a company called California Software, but I haven't heard anything from them in a long time.

- Gary Patterson

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You might also check out this:

It's a .NET Framework implementation of RPG, which might allow you to adapt the RPG code to a Windows platform.
Gary PattersonVP Technology / Senior Consultant Commented:
Of course, there is not guarantee that the poster's system is written in  RPG, (or a modern dialect of RPG that would lend itself to conversion) or if  it is, that source code is available.

Anyway, ASNA's product isn't an AS/400 emulation environment, and it won't allow you to run AS/400 programs on the PC.  It doesn't provide support for executing AS/400 commands on the PC, it doesn't directly provide a mechanism for porting AS/400 data to the PC, etc.

It is a Windows .NET development environment based around a variant of the RPG language.  It is a good way to allow programmers with RPG coding skills to start building .NET applications without learning C# or VB syntax, but it is not really a tool to directly convert green-screen RPG applications to .NET.

ASNA does have another product, formerly called Importa, now called Monarch, that is designed to assist in converting legacy RPG applications to VRPG:

Other companies provide conversion services or offer tools to convert AS/400 applications to C#, VB, and Java.  

- Gary Patterson

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Hi there is also this emulator

an upgrade from baby/400

As a little bit of  IBMi bigot...reverse your decision to get off the AS400!

There limited hosting abilities for the AS400 applications. Try this google search
as400|ibmi|"ibm i"|iseries hosting

Another idea...if you are so intent on removing the AS400 from the building, bite the bullet and upgrade the application to your new windows environment. If it is worth getting rid of a perfectly good box, it is worth upgrading the app.
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If IBM i hosting is needed, you might look at various iInTheCloud services. I've used for a couple years, and it's been a superb service. Not free, but certainly business class.
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