Cakephp query 2 tables

Hi all,
I have an issue with Cakephp...

! have a Model it "User", then a controller and a view.

Model1 currently lists records in table "users" but I have another table that has a user_id field and I need to be able to display records from both tables as they are related and should be linking through "" and "othertable.user_id" fields.

In the View, I need to list records using both tables.

How do I do this please?

I need a simple short example so I can understand it as I've been all over the net and none of those samples work for me.

Hope someone can help


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create view my_new_view as select * from users u, othertable o where =o.user_id

this SQL statement will create your view ... however in this example, if user_id cannot be matched to in the USERS table, it will not showup as a row in the view.

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there are many other ways to do this with JOINS (right, left and inner joins) but I think this is the simplest way for you to start.
If you need to know the syntax in PHP.

# assuming you've connected to a database somewhere before this point.

mysql_query("create view my_new_view as select * from users u, othertable o where =o.user_id");
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error77Author Commented:
Hmm ... Isn't it done differently with CakePhp?

This is how I've done it:

The Model:

class User extends AppModel {
 var $name = 'User';

The Controller:

class UsersController extends AppController {
var $name = 'Users';
function index() {
$this->set('users', $this->User->find('all'));

And the View:

foreach ($users as $user):

echo $user['User']['id'];
echo $html->link($user['User']['title'],
array('controller' => 'users', 'action' => 'view', $user['User']['id']));

So if I wanted to display extra fields from another table where theOtherTable.user_id is the same as ...

How would I do that in Cake please?



error77Author Commented:
Anyone please? It's urgent :o/
error77Author Commented:
Hi ropenner,

I am not using the baking tool. Doing it manually.

I'm almost there .. Just need to be able to submit (update) a form into fields from different tables.

Can you please help?

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