Segemntation fault

I am running a script which calls the COBOL program on AIX but it throws an error saying "segmentation fault"..When I compile and link the COBOL program seperately it links fine but when I run it thorugh script it throws "segmentation fault eror"

1) Any idea on how to fix it?
2) As per my knowledge when there is a core creates a core file..But I could not see the core file as well.
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Segmentation fault means your program is trying to follow a NULL pointer. Since it fails in the script, but not standalone, I would check the environment inside the script versus when you launch it manually.  Maybe some needed variable is not set in the script's environment.

There should be a core file created, though, as you expected.  You should search the whole system for core files in case it got put in an unexpected directory (working directory in the script might be different than yours).  Or check your ulimits to make sure the core file is allowed to be written out and is not hitting a size limit.

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madunix (Fadi SODAH)Commented:
try looking at ulimit and filesystesm
For core dump check "ulimit -a" to see if the core file size is set to 0.
If so you can set it to something large like "ulimit -c 1000000000"

It is possible that you might have an uninitialised variable or pointer which is 0 or NULL when run from a shell but picks up some random value from memory when run in a different way.
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madunix (Fadi SODAH)Commented:
try increasing ulimit to unlimited but on the other hand IMO its strange for an program/software  to set this limit to unlimited
r4ranjorAuthor Commented:

I still could not find out the solution for this..Even I cannot see the coredump file as the coredump size is set to zero...

Any help in resolving this would be highly appreciated..
madunix (Fadi SODAH)Commented:
Can you increase the core file size limiit to unlimited or some large size to allow it to generate?

Remember to check/set both soft and hard ulimits:

ulimit -Hc unlimited
ulimit -c unlimited
Please check the path where the core file will be generated.

you can get the path using syscorepath -g  
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