Modbus Conversion for Schneider Analyzer

I try to get data from a PM710 energy analyzer but I couldn't convert the hexadecimal value to original data.

In the document the parameter type is mentioned as Mod10. What is the Mod10 data format?

The hex value is: 010818D4002B0000
The original data should be 4363476800 after conversion.
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Which register are you trying to read?
emresamisuzerAuthor Commented:
1700, Active Energy Total
Can you please post (link to) your document with register list?
I am looking in and cannot find it there.
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emresamisuzerAuthor Commented:
My device has an older firmware version so the latest register list doesn't match.
Thank you, another fw version explains my confusion.

Generally, Mod10 (or Modulus-10000) is format, where you split your decimal number into four number groups and convert this groups independently to series of 16-bit registers. You have to figure out (from manual) which order of registers (high-first or low-first) it uses.

Conversion from hex to decimal is then straightforward: you convert each 16-bit register to decimal and put together the four-number groups.

I tried to convert the numbers you provided. I didn't manage to match them together, but I will put it here for reference:

your hex number: 010818D4002B0000
split into 16bit groups: 0108 18D4 002B 0000
convert to decimal: 0264 6356 0043 0000
put together (apparently in reverse order):

Your number was 4363476800 which is different, but that difference is not that big, maybe you read the numbers in slightly different times.

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emresamisuzerAuthor Commented:
Thank you. The conversion is correct
You're welcome.
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