MacBook Pro (Late 2008) Struggles to Wakeup from Sleep


I have  MBP which is struggling to wake up from sleep. I either close the lid, or use the shortcut/Apple menu option to sleep it whilst I'm asleep or at work. The machine is then completely unresponsive to any keyboard touch, touchpad touch or pressing the power button; there is no other option other than to turn the whole machine off which is so annoying. It's not 100% of the time, probably about 4 times in a week

I have a Western Digital and Buffallo HDD, ethernet, power and iPhone dock connected most of the time. It's free of any OS X hacking mods, and is pretty much 1st part software on the machine so I am struggling to figure out why this happening only recently.

I have done some reading which makes me believe it's the Western Digital HDD, but I am not sure. Just wondering if anyone else has this problem


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Exactly what operating system are you using? Pull down the Apple Menu to About this Mac and let us know.
There is a long discussion here:

but I suspect your problem can probably be solved by updating your OS. Which version are you using?
statproAuthor Commented:
Sorry I forgot to mention!

I am using 10.6.4, latest updates are fully installed
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Here are some example from me, what caused sleep problem:
-if u sleep the machine on a specific wifi network, and try to wake it in the range of another wifi u can access. (for example if u close the machine at the workplace, and try to wake it at home.) Lots of network based applications starts to timeout, OS never will wake up.. (i usually happens in 10.5)

-If there happens any change of hardware while the mbp is sleeping, it wont wake up sometimes. (if u disconnect a usb drive, which was active, when sleeping the machine, or if u eject an expresscard, etc)
there could be a problem with the sleep sensor, its attached to the battery status button
statproAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the replies guys. I'll do these checks when U get back.

I should add I've disconnected my USB drives and it's sleeping well for now. Let's wait and see
Sleep sensor or hard drive, for sure.  I don't think it matters which OS you are running, definitely sounds like a hardware issue.  Try using another HDD in the system and see if the issue persists.  Let me know what you discover.
statproAuthor Commented:
SOrry on the late reply

I basically unacchaed all USB devices and it seemingly worked for a little while, but it's happening again! So I'll see what I can do about the sleep sensor. It's out of warranty so I'll call AppleCare a little later. I can't afford any downtime at the moment :(

I should also add this has only started again since I shut the laptop lid, not when I let it sleep> Hibernate
My room mate's computer had the same exact issue.  
statproAuthor Commented:
Think I will shut this for now. Not much seemed to resolve it. I just let my machine sleep automatically now and don't shut the lid

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statproAuthor Commented:
Nothing worked
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