RemoteApp constantly showing black screen

We are running RemoteApp and constantly face user complaints that they can only see a black screen. They might be able to get it to work again something later.
What could be the cause? Anyway to monitor this?
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Coast-ITConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Sounds like a bandwidth / packet loss problem.

Maybe run a ping-t to the remote site (crude but effective),a nd see if there are any dropouts, spikes, pr packet loss from the remote location.

Also, check your own connection, make sure there is nothing untoward happening.

Good luck.
What happens when they log onto the Terminal Server directly?

Does the black screen happen at the start or during the session?

What do the event logs say on the Terminal Server?

Are the clients connecting over the WAN, how is that connection looking?  Are they suffering packet loss?

frukeusAuthor Commented:
It happens sometimes at start of session or when try to resume a session. I really do not have much info as they are connecting from a wan site. Connection seems to be okay though at times can be lags. Usually when they complain and I login to a server on their site and remoteapp back, I do not face the same issue.
Today I had to log off a users session and it worked normally afterwards
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frukeusAuthor Commented:
it does look like a bandwidth/connectivity issue but what is strange is when the user complains and I log onto the remote terminal server with their account and use the RemoteApp, it works seemlessly.

On one rare occasion when I was able to remote into the user's PC to run the RemoteApp, I did encounter a black screen.

It would seem that the problem arises when the RemoteApp is initiated from the user's PC but works fine on Terminal Server? The RDP client for the PCs which are running XP, Vista and Win7 are all the latest.

MSTSC.exe for Terminal Server is 6.0.6000.16549
On one of the PC facing the problem 6.1.7600.16385
Strange this.

I would just do some process of elimination.

Log onto the PC as a new user and see if the problem still occurs.  Maybe recreate a user profile on the affected PC.

Does sound like a bandwidth issue, but profile recreation is always a good place to start.
frukeusAuthor Commented:
But the problem is intermittent - not that the user cannot use the RemoteApp at all. It should not be a corrupted user profile right?

I am wondering if it would help if I shorten the "End a disconnected session" limit

Coast-ITConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I have my "end a disconnected session limit" to 1 minute, this way users think that if they click the X, it closes the app.

And yea, I a clutching at straws with the profile as the problem is intermittent.

Ensure that the users who are remoting to the app have an optmized MTU setting.  This causes all kinds of weird and wonderful problems.  Again, it's worth a try.
frukeusAuthor Commented:
I've changed my "End a disconnected session limit" to 1 day. Cannot have it to 1 minute as it would take very long for users to start a new session everytime they try to reconnect.

Will monitor and check out the MTU settings also
frukeusAuthor Commented:
i reckon it could be a combination of bandwidth/latency, extended session limits and high resolution used by multiple monitors causing the problem. Ending  their disconnected sessions and forcing more reconnections seems to have limited the recurrence of the black screen.
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