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We are running into out of memory issue on WAS 6, so we started monitoring the web sphere and heres what we found. The heap size remains very steady while the used memory fluctuates between 60 and 90%. java.exe process in windows task manager consume increaeses from 400 mb in the morning to  1.8 GB memory in the evening.   we are on 32 bit OS.

java.exe keeps on consuming more memory and cpu  never comes down is it a normal behaviour and is it accurate information. If not normal then what could be the cause. After we restart the WAS Service in the morning the memory usage is around 400 mb ..towards the end of  the day java.exe memory consumption reaches upto 1.8 GB work around is to restart the WAS service. please help experts why Java.exe is consuming too much memory and cpu , the best approach to solve this issue.
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AdminRAMConnect With a Mentor Commented:

You can check the following link it applicable for WAS.

IBM WebSphere Portal Version 6.1 Tuning Tips

What version of Java are you running?

It appears to me that there is memory leak. You should profile your
application to find out the areas where the memory is not de-referenced.
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Try this to monitor your memory usage
According to me it's memory leak.
I suppose it's a web application, try to simulate somehow a lot of users logged on, then logged out.
If the sessions are gone, then something else keeps reference to the objects previously kept in the sessions...?!
Best way to diagnose the problem with Memory Dump Diagnostic for Java this tool is used by ibm support. using this tool you can find out large amounts  of object when you have out of memory

Diagnosing out-of-memory errors and Java heap memory leaks
STEVE00098Author Commented:
Thanks  to everyone for advise. Will keep everyone posted
STEVE00098Author Commented:
how to connect jconsole with IBM WebSphere Application Server - ND,  Would really appreciate step by step instructions... Thank you in advance.
Pretty much same as regular WAS

IBM WebSphere Application Server Community Edition Documentation : Working with JConsole
Thank you very much for points.

Have a good day
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