Exchange 2007 - User Cannot Open Public Folder Root

I've seen several questions regarding this type of an issue but I cannot find a solution that seems to work. I have a user on our domain who cannot open the public folders from her logon. She is using Outlook 2007. I had her log onto a different PC that also has Outllook 2007 installed and she still could not open public folders from that PC either. I confirmed that public folders open for other users in the organization.

I should be clear about what I mean by "opening public folders". I realize that there are permissions set on each subfolder in the public folder hierarchy, but my issue is that this user never gets this far. When she clicks on the "plus" sign to the left of "Public Folders" to try to view the subfolders, she gets this error: "Cannot Expand the folder. The set of folders cannot be opened. The attempt to log on to Microsoft Exchange has failed". She has no problems in any other part of Outlook. She is running Windows 7 and the other, "test" PC where I had her logon is running XP.

If she logs on as herself to OWA (webmail), she can view the public folders with no issues.

Let me know if you need more info.
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close outlook

start > run > type this
outlook /cleanprofile

check if that works.
jzimmermanAuthor Commented:
Hmm, a tiny bit of progress. Now I can open "Public Folders", but when I try to open the next level subfolder, "All Public Folders", I get the same error message.
Can you check if this user has read permission on that folder ?
If the answer is yes --

a) try creating a new outlook profile and see if that solves the problem.
Since you can access it via OWA, i'd suspect the issue is at Outlook end.
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jzimmermanAuthor Commented:
Ok, here's some feedback. When I am logged on as the user, with a brand new profile, I can get to "All Public Folders" and still get the message. This is on the XP machine that is not her actual PC.

I then logged on that PC as Domain Administrator, created an outlook profile and then opened Outlook, and I was able to see all of the Public folders with no errors. It sounds almost like a user permissions issue, not an Outlook issue. Although I don't know why OWA would work.
jzimmermanAuthor Commented:
Oh for permissions, when I run Exchange Management console and execute this command:

get-publicfolderclientpermission -identity "All Public Folders" -User ronco\jmurdo

I get no response. No error, it just comes back to the prompt. Same for any folders underneath the "All Public Folders" structure.
Get-PublicFolderClientPermission -Identity "\Marketing" -User "ronco\jmurdo"

Where marketing is just below the root folder
jzimmermanAuthor Commented:
We have a folder "Corporate" that is just below the root folder. Executing this command:

Get-PublicFolderClientPermission -Identity "\Corporate" -User "ronco\jmurdo"

has the same result - no response, no error

If I execute the same command for my user name, I get this:

Identity     : \Corporate
User         : ronco.pri/Buffalo/Sher/Users/Zimmerman, Joe
AccessRights : {Owner}

Same for 3 other users who I know to be "Owners". All other user names I try give the same result - no response, no error.
Can you change jmurdo to contributor from owner
Can we keep one owner and 2 contributors and see if the PF tree is browsable.

Permission issue for sure.
I am trying to pull up some links so that I can give you a screenshot guide for setting permissions.
usually it is > right click on PF > Permissions tab - and you can assign roles like contributor / owners etc.
jzimmermanAuthor Commented:
I'm not sure if I've been clear. The hierarchy appearing in outlook is like this: Public Folders\All Public Folders\Corporate\Operations\Education

jmurdo says she recently had been able to drill down and open up the education folder. She now cannot open All Public Folders to get any deeper into the tree. All other users that I have asked to test can at least open All Public Folders and see Corporate and the rest of the subfolders. If I look at the Corporate folder permissions there are only 3 owners - jzimme, jdinat, and jthomp. Default for Corporate is Author, and Anonymous is custom, with Create being the only permission granted to Anonymous.

So I can start changing permissions at the \Corporate folder level, but I'm not sure how this will help her open "All Public Folders" to get to the Corporate folder. No other users are listed separately.
jzimmermanAuthor Commented:
OK, I found a solution to this issue, but I don't know how permanent it will be. After doing some more web searching it appears that an Outlook Security update caused the problem. I had her uninstall KB980376 and after rebooting the problem disappeared. I had also had that update on my laptop where I was "testing" it. It was odd because it seemed to block her as a user, but since my logon had "owner" permissions it allowed me to open the folders on the same PC where it was blocking her logon.

Here is the link I found that gave me the tip to try this:

Sunnyc7 - Thanks for the efforts! I'm not sure if I can give you some points for trying so hard to help. I'll leave the question open for a while and see if anyone has any ideas after hearing about my "solution".

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