Why won't the HP Systems Management homepage display our system status ?

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We noticed that the HP Systems Management homepage wasn't installed on our server so we installed SNMP, then downloaded the Systems Management driver and then downloaded the Systems Management application all from the HP website.  The software is all for the correct version of Windows and the proper server.

When we open the link on the desktop it allows us to put in the domain admin password to authenticate but then when it opens up there is no items shown.  At this stage I would exptect to see items such as Storage, Processor Memory etc.

Can anyone advise what the issue could be and how we can resolve it ?

Many thanks in advance
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Can you make sure all of your PSPs are up to date ?  (http://h18013.www1.hp.com/products/servers/management/psp/index.html?jumpid=servers/psp)

Check out the below page which doesn't explain the empty page, but does address the SNMP config which may help
In the homepage, go to Tasks-System-Server Configuration
Select Data Source Configuration
Make sure SNMP is selected


Hi there and thanks for your post,

I have just come across the following post on an HP forum:

"On the Server ,go to services--> snmp service properties-->Security
ensure your SIM server IP is present under "Accept SNMP packets from these hosts".

once done restart the SNMP service"

I think that the SNMP config is related as under the data source it is blank and it should say SNMP.  I'll try this and get back to you.

Thanks for your help
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hH technicallymaybe,

I don't see a tab for tasks.  I have the following on the home page:

Home, Settings, Logs, Webapps, Support and Help.

If I compare this against another server I can see there should be a Tasks tab there


Hi again,

I have downloaded and installed the latest Proliant Support Pack and I am still not able to use the Systems Management homepage
Uninstall and reinstall hp management agents and the system management homepage.



I tried that and it didn't work i'm afraid
Make sure SNMP is configured and the localhost address is listed in the accept SNMP packets from these hosts in the snmp configuration. Once that done restart SNMP

I am out of ideas, maybe have a look over this handy PDF?



Hi techinallymaybe - I had posted that I had done that earlier on but I did try it again with no success.

Hi Coast-IT - I have that document also.

The process is usually quite staightforward so that's why i'm baffled


I found out what the issue was.

Under Services and SNMP Service there is a tab for Security.  In here there were no entries so I had to add in the Accepted name of Public and give it READ ONLY rights and also had to add in Private with rights of READ CREATE.

Once this was done I restarted the service and this worked :)

This infromation w

This information was at the bottom of the first post I made, which was the first reply ;

"Check out the below page which doesn't explain the empty page, but does address the SNMP config which may help

Open the link and scroll down....
As quoetd in the link -

"In order to fix this problem go to [ Start -> RUN ] and type in “Services.msc” – this will display the Services MMC.

Navigate to the SNMP service – see below:

Right click on the SNMP service and from the context menu that appears choose “Properties”:

From the dialog that appears choose the “Security” tab – then from the “Accepted community names” click on the “Add” button:

From the dialog box that appears ensure that the “Community rights” setting is “READ ONLY” – then in the “Community Name” area type in a name that is unique and secure to your organisation (this is to protect against a number of SNMP vulnerabilities that have been found) and then click on the “Add” button – this will return you to the main dialog screen which should now look like the following:

Under the “Accepted community names” area click on the “Add” button:

From the dialog box that appears ensure that the “Community rights” setting is “READ WRITE” – then in the “Community Name” area enter in a name that is again unique to your organisation and then click on the “Add” button.

This will return you again to the main dialog box – here click on the “OK” button then close the “Services.msc”.

Open the HP System Management Home Page – this time however it should look a little more like this:

I hope that his helps someone along the way."


Hi Coast-IT,

Please accept my apologies.  I never noticed that part at the end so sorry so this.  It would have saved me an extra day of troubleshooting if I had read it properly !!


The post was spot on and accurate

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