SBS 2003 - Roaming profiles by default

Hi Everyone,

I have many customers who use SBS2003 and we setup roaming profiles for most of them which works quite well. However, when people create a new user we often forget to set the account up for a roaming profile. Doh. I would like this done automatically. I've tried doing this by editing the User Template and putting in a profile path with the %USERNAME% at the end but when you create a new user it still doesn't do it.

Any ideas?


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Will SzymkowskiSenior Solution ArchitectCommented:
This should work for you as it does work in our environment. If you have the following \\server\share\%username% in the Profile Path, then it will work. Follows like this below...

- New user logs into there computer (for first time)
- A new Local profile is created on the machine
- User makes changes (favs, my docs, etc)
- User logs out of their account
- While logging out new folder gets created on the \\server\share\john-doe
- Settings get transferred from local cached profile to the roaming profile folder on server

*This should work everytime if the Shared and NTFS permissions are set correctly. Make sure that everyone has full access on the share. Each profile folder will be created with the proper permissions automatically.

Hope this helps~!
TriumphLTDAuthor Commented:
Hi Spec,

Thanks for this, I do agree that roaming profiles work. What I am trying to achieve is they are automatically created when I create a new user. I don't want to have to go into the AD user properties and fill out the profile info, I would like this automatically done when the account is created.

Will SzymkowskiSenior Solution ArchitectCommented:
What you have stated above is true. If you put the path in the user template that you have created \\server\share\%username%, this will create a roaming profile on the server with the logon name you have given the user.

A roaming profile folder does not get created initally, this process happens after the user has logged in for the first time. Once they logout it then creates the profile folder on the server and pushes the changes from the local cached profile to the roaming profile. This is the automated process.
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TriumphLTDAuthor Commented:
I hear what your saying about the files and folders not being created until the user logs on, that is not the issue. I have attached screen shots to expalin.

1. I edit the default user template to include the path to roaming profiles
2. I create a new user and then go into that users account properties and on the profile tab there is no roaming profile setting in there.

I have now tried this on 3 SBS servers just to be sure.
Will SzymkowskiSenior Solution ArchitectCommented:
I have just tried this exact procedure.
- Open ADCU
- Open "Customer Service" OU
- Create a new user _UserTemplate
- Added a Security Group to the Member Of Tab
- Added the profile path location under the Profile Tab \\server\share\%username%

Creating Test account
- Open Customer Service OU
- Right click on _UserTemplate, click Copy
- Fill out information for Testing1 user
- Once completed testing, Open properties of Testing1 user
- Click the Profile Tab, and it displays \\server\share\testing1 <-(username I gave during account creation)

I have done this again with another user Testing2 and it also worked the same. Just to mention it also copied the Member Of Security Group I have added to the _UserTemplate.
TriumphLTDAuthor Commented:
I've just tried that and that does work. Unfortuanlty it's not quite the solution im looking for. Becuase there are a few of us here and these are SBS systems I need the roaming profile info to be created automatically when we use the new user wizzard.

Even if I edit the default template and use the wiazrd this stil doesn;t work, is there any way to get this to autocreate?

Will SzymkowskiSenior Solution ArchitectCommented:
I don't believe you can do this with the new user account wizard. You can use PowerShell, ASADD or VBscript to automate this process.
TriumphLTDAuthor Commented:
Ok thanks for all your help. Does any one else have any ideas?

TriumphLTDAuthor Commented:
No solution

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TriumphLTDAuthor Commented:
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