GoldSync Problem

We are using the email feature of GoldSync to keep our remote users up to date. For some reason the Syncs are now failing. Goldmine version 6.5

Session Logs
*Processing Site: 11053*** - TEXAS SERVER
*Creating transfer set for all contacts since 8/7/2010 - 7:32 am
*Creating transfer files for GMBase tables...
*LookUp created: 1records (1 updates).
*Cal created: 27 records (101 updates).
*UserLog created: 47 records (169 updates).
*SysLog created: 6 records (588 updates).
*Transfer set: TSAA0441.gts compressed successfully.
*Sending transfer set to ''.
!![77] Unable to send transfer set to ' Retrieval failed: Socket Error Connection refused | System error 10061.'.
* Session Logs [Ended 10:00am - 8/18/2010; Dur: 0:03]

We have Exchange internally. For testing purposes, I setup to the emails through an external SMTP server. Same errors.

I am not fluent in the world of Goldmine so please let me know if you need any more information.

Thanks in advance.  
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GMGeniusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Connection refused tells me that the user that the sync process is setup to use cannot send email.
I suggest you login to goldmine as the GoldSync user and test your sending email and ensure your email credentials are setup correctly.
That said, I strongly recommend AGAINST using sync with email. If any emails go missing / blocked / deleted in error then you will be missing a chunk of data.
You should always use Direct TCP method as this will ensure you dont loose data.
What version of Exchange server ?
simplemojoAuthor Commented:
Exchange 2003 SP2
Creating Active Directory Users from a Text File

If your organization has a need to mass-create AD user accounts, watch this video to see how its done without the need for scripting or other unnecessary complexities.

I am going to take a stab at it even though I am not a goldmine expert.

a) Can you increase the timeout value
Edit | Preferences | Sync then click the advanced button

From here

Also for your error >System error 10061
They recommend
Winsock error 10061 indicates problems connecting to a TCP/IP host. This usually results from trying to connect to a service that is inactive on the host. Verify that the configuration setting from the GoldSync server is set up properly. It is not a bad idea to telnet the Goldsync server as well. Another alternative would be to have another system on the network serve as a temporary GoldSync server then retry the synchronization process.

Another option would be
> Delete the GoldSync Server in the GoldSync Administrator, and then Rebuild your tables if in dBase.

Check the last posts here

More Ref:

Paid support
10061 means failure to connect to the GoldSync server.

It sounds like your computer can't properly "see" the smtp connection.

simplemojoAuthor Commented:
>Can you increase the timeout value?
Already increased the value. No luck.

> Delete the GoldSync Server in the GoldSync Administrator, and then Rebuild your tables if in dBase.
Tried several times with no luck. Still get the 10061 error while sending.

>Check the last posts here
This info pertains to the TCP/IP version of the GoldSync. If I am unable to get it running via email withing a reasonable amount of time I may go this way.

That is what I thought. I have tried multiple SMTP servers and checked our Relay options. Everything appears to be ok.  

I find it strange that I am able to sync via email if I use the Synchronization Wizard (profiles). That is able to email the updated files to my remote users, but its not automated. I will keep on it an post my findings. Thanks for all your help and ideas.
** I am able to sync via email if I use the Synchronization Wizard **

Oh -- you mean it's failing with one-button sync? The entire sync process is "masked" when using one-button sync. The only way you can update the sync profile for one-button is through GoldSync, on the server. You'll have to e-mail the resultant new profile to the user in order to fix that. I think the one-button sync profile probably has the wrong smtp server in it.
simplemojoAuthor Commented:
We are not using the one button sync. When I click Create An Install File For One-Button Sync, I receive an error. (Active Delivery Files Are Missing)

We are configured to send via email only. To avoid any confusion, I have attached a picture.

Look out for my crazy good paint skills!

Error reads - ![77] Unable to send transfer set to ' Retrieval failed: Socket Error Connection refused | System error 10061.'.

simplemojoAuthor Commented:
I was under the impression that the direct TCP method required the remote users to have fixed IP address. Our guys travel the country, so static is not an option. Thanks for your advice.

I will leave this case open until I figure out a decent solution.
No, the remote would connect to the server, not the other way around
If your server does not have a fixed IP you can always look at dynamic IP ( or similar)
You configure the server to listen (open Port 5993 on your router to port forward to the GoldSync server) then you remotes initiate the sync process by clicking on the sync button
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