Unable to shut down machine without pushing power button

I'm unable to log off, shutdown, or restart my machine from windows. The machine will shut down if I do a shutdown -r -f in the cmd window. When I try to shutdown I get all the normal windows however when I hit shutdown it does nothing, my pc is not locked up and I can continue to use it with no problem it just refuses to shutdown. If I force the machine down with the power button and bring it back up i am then able to shutdown for that day but if i come back in the next day i will not be able to. I also know of a handful of machines that have now started acting the same way at my work, all of which are different brands,models, service packs etc.. PLEASE HELP

HP dc5800 Micro Tower
Intel Core 2 Duo
2 GB of ram
XP Pro Sp3
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Could be a virus or faulty application hogging resources and preventing shutdown.
Try start, run, msconfig
Click Startup and disable all
Click ok to restart and force it if necessary
If the problem is from an app in that list it should be ok again.
If not, I would try an online virus scanner, housecall.antivirus.com and see if it finds anything.

I have run into malware which casuses this problem too. Download malwarebytes, install and update, download rkill to the desktop, restart in safe mode, run rkill at least twice, then run a quick scan using malwarebytes reboot to safe mode, run full scan with malwarebytes.
netruner1Author Commented:
Sorry I took so long to respond , the last couple of days have been really busy at work.

I disabled everything in the startup Thursday(8-19-10) morning and I was able to restart my system at the end of the day. However i think the true test will be to see how it acts Monday morning when i come in because it has always worked for that day after i force the system down.

I also did a deep scan with my Vipre anti virus and nothing was found.

I ran rkill (use this frequently) and a full scan with Mal-ware bytes in safe mode and nothing was found

Any other ideas???

Thank you for your suggestions so far!!
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Casey HermanCitrix EngineerCommented:
do you have a logitech keyboard and or mouse? I have seen their software suite cause this problem. If you uninstall it. It should take care of the problem.

netruner1Author Commented:
I have a HP mouse and keyboard. I do have a Logitech usb headset that I have used on several different pc's without any problems.
Casey HermanCitrix EngineerCommented:
when you shut the machine down do you get a "waiting to close some application" window?
If so what does it say it is.
Also if you look at your application logs it may tell you which app is causing the hangup.

Can you reboot the machine successfully vs a shutdown?
netruner1Author Commented:
No I don't get a message, it pops up the shutdown window I hit shutdown the box goes away and the screen flickers once and nothing happens.
I'm unable to log off, shutdown, or restart. The only way I can get it to reboot is by using the cmd prompt and typing shutdown -r -f or i have to use the power button.
I will double check my application logs and see if i missed anything.
netruner1Author Commented:
PC rebooted fine this morning (8-23-10) so I guess now I have to figure out how which startup service is causing my issue. Any suggestions??
The easiest solution is to go by elimination.  Usually I start by enabling services that I recognize.  If it works with those, try some others (its usually good to write them down to keep track) until you figure out which one it is.
netruner1Author Commented:
I have now gone through and enabled all services again (a couple each day)expecting to see a problem when I turned them on however my pc doesn't seem to be having this issue any longer. I can now log off, reboot or shutdown without any problems. Still not sure what was causing my problem??
Have you run a malware scan on this machine?  MalwareBytes is a solid free option.  Even if you have an anti-virus, I usually find that its a good idea to periodically run a scan with something else, just in case.

netruner1Author Commented:
No longer having this issue, I wish I knew what was causing the problem.

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