Subreport in crystal reports v9 hangs...

Hi, I have a CR9 report with 2 Sql 2005 procs (1 in main, other in a subreport); main passes 2 values to sub. when running frm CR main report gets generated, but to get results from subreport - you have to click on next arrow for sub to run and outputs results. How can I have whole report generated w/o clicking on next page again ? So main report runs - stop - click on next button - sub runs - whole rpt is geneated...
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This doesn't sound like normal behaviour. Could you provide some screen shots?
A couple of things to check for is:
-Make sure your parameter in the main report links to the proc's @parameter in the sub, not the ?PM-parameter.
- Try using Database/Verify OnEveryPrint in your subreport.
Do you wait for the report to generate?

Is this in the designer?

Crystal does render the report one page at a time and if you click to the next page before the page has generated it can seem like the report is waiting for the next page click.

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ivan_belalAuthor Commented:
Yes from designer I am running. Lower left shows Accessing database - main report gets generated - but sub report does not - you have to click on next page for Accessing database to come on again - and sub report is generated. From main report - parameters linked to sub are not using ?PM. Any troubleshooting steps ? thanks,
Well the timing would be an issue. Which section is your subreport placed in? If it is in a section before any record has actually been read it would explain why it will be blank or if the field you have it linked to is blank on the first pass.
Also make sure that you did not select the On Demand Subreport flag for your subreport or it will behave like you describe.
ivan_belalAuthor Commented:
Main report uses a Sql 2005 proc with 2 parameters using detail section. Subs are on main report footers (a,b,c sections) 2 parameters are linked to each of those subs - subs also using SPs - On demand is not checked...
Insert another detail (or group if you have groups I am not sure you do or don't) section and move the subreport to it so we can see if the issue is the section it is in.

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ivan_belalAuthor Commented:
Sounds like you perhaps on the right track. It could be timing issue. Let me try and get back, thanks.
If the subreport works on the Page Footer you could add another page footer section to contain the subreport but making the section suppress if not OnLastRecord.
OR you could also try leaving the subreport on the report footer but creating two formulas in your main report. The formulas will have the parm value, for example:
Formula1      content would be     @Parm1
Formula2 content would be @Parm2
and then link the subreport to Formula1 and Formula2.
Does the subreport show on the second page?

Crystal sometimes does wait for the next page to be clicked before it renders the second page of the report.

What happens if you click to go to the last page?

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