Upload a document to a library from another library (or from My Site)

Hello -

I was asked a question that I am unable to answer so I am hoping someone here can answer it.

Is it possible to upload a document from one sharepoint library to another library (in a different site)?  

Here is the main scenario - a user has documents saved to thier My Site document library.  She wished to be able to add these documents to libraries on different sites.  Here is an example of this usage -

A project manager has a document detailing the steps involved in completeing a project.  This document is considered reference material.
Each project has it's own site in SharePoint and thus it's own set of libraries - one of these libraries is for reference material.  
The project manager, who runs serveral projects, wishes to upload that reference document to multiple reference libraries (each in different sites).  How is this possible?

Sure, she could save it on the C: drive and pull it from there, but that is a poor answer and not very usable as there are potentially many documents to be delt with.  So how can you  copy a document from one library to another?  Specifically from a library in My Site to another site?

Site Content and Structure sort of works if you move documents within a ste sollection.  But if My Sites are involved, this does not work.

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance!
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dasmail2000Author Commented:
Oh - this is full MOSS 2007.

In document library you have a mechanizm to copy document to another library within the site collection. What's better - you are able to keep a link to a source document, so if the source changes it can be automatically updated on the destination locations.
To use the functionality simply open the document context menu and pick "send to" ->
"another location".
You could also setup a workflow that would give you much more functionality (like selecting the projects with checkboxes, etc) but this is more of a custom work + would probably require some 3rd party workflow software.


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dasmail2000Author Commented:
Thanks for the info, but I should have been more clear in my question - we need this functionality between site collections.
Additionally, we'd like to be able to copy from MySite as well.

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Sorry, I didn't mean to write within site collection but within FARM. This mechanism works cross site collection and cross web applications - from My site as well.
dasmail2000Author Commented:
I have been playing with this and while it mostly works, I can not get it to function when copying a document from MySite to another site collection.

I have been trying to figure it out and I am coming up empty.  Is it possible for you to try it from MySite on your end and see if it works?  The error I am getting is "Could not find the destination item or folder on this server." (see attached.)

Otherwise is works great...I just need to figure out copying from MySite.  I do not know if it is something to do with the config of the system itself whch is why I am hoping you can see if it works on your end.

Thanks in advace,
I have tested it on MySite and it works like charm. I seen that you are trying to put something into the "Forms" folder. This is not a good idea to use this folder - it's a system folder of document library. Please try to copy directly to the library or to the folder created by you.
Sorry for the screenshot with "forms" in the url - this might have mislead you.
dasmail2000Author Commented:
I initially tried it just to the library and got the same error.  I did it again after looking at your post and thought I'd try the forms folder but got the same result.  It was that attempt that I took the screenshot from.

Any thoughts as to why I might be getting this error?
dasmail2000Author Commented:
Update -

Ok, I just treid this on a completely seperate installtion and it worked.  What was different is that after I entered in the path for the lib to copy to, I got a pop up (see attached) for the confimation of the copy.  On the installtion that was not function, I did not get the pop up but was instead presented a webpage showing the exact same info for confirmation.

This I am suspecting there is a version difference between the SP installs.  Any thoughts as to what it might be or where I can look to find the differences?


The difference can be both on server and client. If you have tried both on the same client, then compare the OSes and SharePoint versions - see this article on how to do it  - http://insomniacgeek.com/blog/how-to-determine-the-installed-sharepoint-version/
dasmail2000Author Commented:
Yes I did do them both the same client so I am running through that doc now.

You've been great - I thank you for your time.

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