Best way to send large email attachments

I am trying to find the best solution to remedy our inability to send large email attachments.  I have changed all our settings in our exchange server, so as each user can send up to 40mb files, however, a great many recipients of these emails never get the attachment, as they are limited on their end...
I am looking for the most reliable and secure software or online resource to help with this.  thanks
Daniel FishkinOwner and Principal ConsultantAsked:
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kelle1Connect With a Mentor Commented:
A lot of the law firms we exchange mail with use  

Here is a link to their different plans:
sunnyc7Connect With a Mentor Commented:

Free account allows you 100 MB
Corporate account does better.
UK_AndyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There are loads of online dropbox resources to allow a user to store a file online and send a link via email to access or download.  You need to trial several to find the best one for your needs.. 
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Razi_AhmedConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Try sharing the large documents on web.. there are many such website which provide this. eg dropbox
As you can't really force other companies to change their email policy, have you thought about using something else for the file transfer like https ftp server and etc?
Daniel FishkinOwner and Principal ConsultantAuthor Commented:
All great advice.  We will test both dropbox and yousendit.  thanks again.
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