Temporary Internet Files Limit Reached

Have a user using Windows XP that continually gets pop up message "Temporary Internet Files Limit Reached"  What is happening the offline file space is now at its maximum of 1024 MB.  This started to happen when he start using his IPhone with ITunes Sync
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VBDotNetCoderConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If the user does not need, try disabling Offline Web Pages and Outlook RSS Synching.
I guess RSS data files or offline web pages are consuming a lot of space and that's why you are getting this message.

Or you can try increasing  Temporary Internet Files size limit, in case user needs RSS and offline web pages.
Delete temp files

Open Ie
tools > options
Temp internet files > settings

here's a screenshot guide.

start> run > cmd
cd %tmp%
del *.* /f/s/q
Or you can set "delete brower history on exit".
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Which software is giving this error message?
Internet Explorer?
dccexpertAuthor Commented:
Neither solution worked.  It deletes the history and the files but they reappear.  I'm not exactly sure.  The message appears when Internet Explorer is not even opened, So I'm assuming it is within iTunes.  Just a recapped that this problem started when the iPhone is plugged into the computer.
I don't use iTunes so I can only guess this is about iTunes software. I would check options/preferences of this software and try to change the settings related to internet explorer, temp folder and the things like that.
Also updating the iTunes software or Internet Explorer (if it is an older version) might help.
dccexpertAuthor Commented:
Thanks I will give that a try
dccexpertAuthor Commented:
Just received the message on the user's computer again.  More details.. It is not iTunes or iPhone  it is with Outlook.


"Offline Webpages (Outlook - http://r.office.microsoft.com/r/rlidOutlookRSS?clid=1033): Error: Size Limit for Internet Files Reached"
Which version is it?
Outlook 2000 / 2003 / 2007 / Express ?
Is there an exchange account (is it connected to an exchange server in your organization) ?
dccexpertAuthor Commented:
We use Exchange 2007 and Outlook 2007.  I will try that to see if it fix the problem.  Thanks!
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