ESXi 4.0 install: error when rebooting

I just installed ESXi 4.0 on a poweredge 2970 Server and I keep getting an issue after the install.  Upon a reboot I receive the following errors:

unknown keyword in config file

then after this error, it keeps on going and then it prompts for the following:

local boot from disk 0
windows PE
reboot pc

If I select anything, other than reboot pc, I get the following error:

pxe-ec8:  !pxe structure was not found in UNDI driver code segment.
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Dan ArseneauDevOps EngineerCommented:
You may have a bum download of ESXi.  Have you successfully installed it on another machine?
Did you install to a USB or SD device? If so you will need to go into BIOS setup on your server and configure it to boot first from USB or SD - it looks like you are seeing old stuff on your hard drive.

Good Luck
OCwaste2Author Commented:
Well, when I pre-installed it via the System Management Tools and Documentation CD, it provided two choices:  Flash or HDD.

I select to install it to ESXi HDD and not Flash

What option is it for HDD, during the Booting option?
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Did you use the ESXi download from the Dell support site?  They do some modifications to the install including giving ESXi visibility into the hardware stats (fan speeds, temps, etc).
If you can press a key at boot time in order to select your boot device do so, than try the various options for HDD that are presented. If you find one that works go to BIOS setup and make it the first boot device.

Do you have a SAN attached to the box? If so perhaps you accidently installed to SAN instead of the local drive?
OCwaste2Author Commented:
I don't know where my collegue got it from.  Should I attempt to download it once again from the Dell site?
Yes, the Dell customized image will likely work better on a Dell server, but it includes many management agents and such, that if you don't use the dell management infrastructure, will likely be of no use.
If you're not sure where it came from, I would.  I've installed ESXi on the same server platform with no problems.  It took longer to download the file than it did to install ESXi.
There is a great walk thru located here: 
Wipe the hard drives and remove the partitions.  Download the Vmware ESXi 4.01 install ISO and write it to a CD.  Boot the server from that CD and install ESXI to the hard drives.  Makes sure it recognizes your system during the install.  It should install and reboot then eject your CD, then boot into ESXi.    
OCwaste2Author Commented:
I just attempted to install the software once again and I'm being prompted for a disk to install this on.  Here are the options:

disk    Vender           Model                 Type                size                empty
Disk0   dell                 PERC 6/i              parallel            930.5 GB            N
Disk1   dell                 PERC 6/i              parallel            465.2 GB            N

I'm selecting Disk0, I'm I doing doing something wrong?  I'm trying to narrow down where I've gone wrong.
Disk 0 should be correct
I agree with bqoering.  Disk 0
Yes Disk 0.  Then after it's up add Disk1 as an additional datastore and put templates and ISO's there.  You can also put a couple machines if needed.

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