Status Wrg Type for disks plugged to Poweredge R710


I am using six Dell HDDs plugged to my R710 PE and its saying "Wrg type" for five of them and showing just one as normal.

I have also tried to put any of the HDDs to a MD3000i and it says Incompatible driver.

I ran the diagnostic tool from Dell and it says all the HDDs are fine. I dont understand what is going on.

Should I update any HDD firmware ? Whats wrong ?


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Wrg Type means Device is not compatible for use as part of a RAID Array.
maxihostAuthor Commented:
Nice. That does mean the HDD is faulty or what ?
Not sure.  It sounds more like the firmware for the controller may need to be updated.  I would start there and report back on the result.
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It says raid disk no for all of them, perhaps if you "prep" the drives for raid then they would?  Likely your card won't let you have more than one disk with just "normal" partitioning and formatting on it, so only the first one is allowed, and even the first one is not raid ready.
Alternatively, some drives aren't rated high enough,  many raid controllers expect or insist on enterprise-class drives, so for example WD green or blue no black yes.  That's just a for instance, don't know about your hardware.
If in doubt refer to the LSI corp support/help.  Quoting from the help file of one LSI model 20015 (a copy is here
"Wrg Type        Device is not compatible for use as part of an RAID Array"

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maxihostAuthor Commented:
I am not sure what was really the problem, but Dell changed the HDDs with that Wrg type and not it worked.
Um, perhaps I wasn't clear?  I explained some HDs are not rated, not "up to snuff", for hardware raid card use, and provided the link to the documentation and quoted where it said "Wrg Type" means the quote "Device is not compatible for use as part of an RAID Array"
Evidently your original order somebody had HDs not intended to be used with the RAID card, and that had to be corrected.
PowerEdgeTechIT ConsultantCommented:
Are these the drives that came with your R710, or were they ordered separately?  If they came WITH the system ... have you attempted to update the drive firmware?  If so, what utility did you use to flash them?  If you ordered them separately ... did you get them from Dell?  If so, what part number did you order?  If not, where did you get them and what is the manufacturer name and model?

If they came with the system and you have not tried to modify the controller or drive firmware in any way, then call Dell for further troubleshooting.  If you have tried to alter the controller or drives in any way, you may have ruined the drives and voided their warranty.  If they did not come with the system, they are probably not the right drives - incompatible.
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