drupal mini calendar ajax

any idea on how to apply ajax to drupal mini calendar?
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When you mean ajax, do you mean that you want it so that when you hover over a day in the mini calendar you see a popup that describes what's going on that day in more detail? Like this page, http://calendar.byu.edu/calendar/2010-08, when you hover over dates in the full calendar?
charmingduckAuthor Commented:
no, i know what you show me can be achived by beauty tips,

my questions was, on the mini calendar, when you click on next month >> , how to make only the block load , not the page
Thanks about the beauty tips, I didn't actually know how that site was doing that.

Here's a long thread about your question, http://drupal.org/node/339279. I'll see if I can get to the bottom of it.  I won't be able to look into this for a few hours.
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I've patched the calendar module, try using this instead. I'm going to try it myself.

You can find the patched version here, http://thomashansen.me/calendar.zip. Make sure to turn on AJAX for the view block display.

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charmingduckAuthor Commented:
can you tell me what's changed in this patched version?
Just tested the patched calendar version on my site and it works great! Again remember to set AJAX to yes.
I applied the patch attached in comment 93 on this thread, http://drupal.org/node/339279#comment-3137726.  If you open the patch file in a text editor you can see the changes (cryptically, I might add).

You can patch it yourself if you'd like, http://drupal.org/patch/apply.

You can view it in action here, http://thomashansen.me/panel/web-programs, if you scroll down to the bottom left.
charmingduckAuthor Commented:
are you sure it's not going to cause any problems?

i feel a little uncomfortable to try it on the production site cuz the deadline is real close,

anyways, i think i'm going to try it. If it doesnt work, I dont have to reconfigure everything right?
i'll just replace the calendar folder on the site with yours, and it's going to work?
Make a backup of your site's database using Backup and Migrate, http://drupal.org/project/backup_migrate.

As a general rule of thumb Drupal modules never change files on the server except those in sites/default/files, so restoring an old database should bring you back exactly to where you were before.

Yeah, just replace the folder, flush caches, etc.
charmingduckAuthor Commented:
okay, i think it's working, so far so good, havent found any problems yet.

I don't know how to thank you.

I wont have too much time to sleep tonight, so i'll post another question on drupal mega menu, and please help if you could, I can give you a lot of points, haha.

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