Setting up an ftp log server on a Cisco ASA 5505


I have an internal ftp server and I'd like to use it as a logging server for out ASA security device.
Is there anywhere I can set this up on the ASA box?
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DeltaR7Connect With a Mentor Commented:
yes that's correct, you can use that option also.
difference is, the system will write 1 file with the buffer content (if it is full) to you FTP server.
You will get a list like :
and so on, with all messges.
While on a syslog server the messages will be more easyly readable and seachable.
Another advantage is that you can filter syslogs on severety.
The buffer on the othe hand will log virtually everything.
For ASA logging you cannot use an FTP server.
you need a SYSLOG server. if you browse the internet there are several free syslog servers available for both linux and windows based systems
wannabecraigAuthor Commented:
Can you suggest a decent free syslog server?
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on the orange download button you can choose the free version.
i use it myself as well ;)
in the ASDM tool go to configuration --> properties
from the list select 'logging'
in this section you can setup what events you want logged, syslogserver ip and so on...
wannabecraigAuthor Commented:
yeah, it also gives me a FTP server option there, that's why I though I could use FTP.
It says "You can choose to save the contents of the buffer before the buffer is overwritten"

Then there is an option to 'save buffer to FTP server...
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