Drag and drop confirmation in xp

Need to have a confirmation prompt when draging files to a new location whether local or on network shares.

Any ideas on how to solve this?

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Train users to use left mouse button. When they let go of the button ("drop") there is a popup box asking them what they want to do (copy, move, cancel).
OOPS must be a lefty! I meant the right mouse button.
Looking around and based on this post from 2004:

Unfortunately this doesn't seem possible. One option however is to lock the drag and drop functionality to prevent accidental moves.

Of my knowledge this was one of those things that everyone wanted to figure out but never did. Good luck!
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I know why you need to know that.  many users who perform an accidental drag/drop on a folder rather than a solid double click to view the contents of the folder.

I find that folders will go missing, only to find it has been moved to a nearby folder by mistake.

you can try  TweakUI to adjust the limit (in pixels) to adjust how sensitive the mouse is to drag and drops from the standard value of 4 to a maximum of 32.

But if you change that value in the registry instead you can set a much higher value, one that exceeds the screen resolution and therefore makes it impossible to move the mouse enough away from an object. That way Windows never notice it's supposed to drag the object away along with the mouse pointer.

Making a simple reg-file containing this solves the problem:


[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop]

Restart the computer for the change to have effect.

Resetting these values to 4 sets it all back to default again.


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jplatt1Author Commented:
Deisrobinson how do you lock the drag and drop functionality?

Bluepig - training users to do that is like asking them to stay and work an extra 10 minutes..not going to happen..

jplatt1Author Commented:
Natcom: I will experiment with the mouse control, I have seen other postings with this option with mixed results.  I will get back to you.

Per this answer:


You can try any three of the options listed.
jplatt1Author Commented:
NatCom should have been awarded the 500 points...something burbed here!
jplatt1Author Commented:
NatCom..you all set now...FULL POINTS! Thanks to all
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