Wanted: Distribute emails based on their email-address

Hi all,

we are in the process of migrating from groupwise to exchange 2010. During the migration some users will be on groupwise and some on exchange. Our hardware internet gateway forwards all mails from the internet to a single ip address (our gw server).

We thought about pointing this hardware box to the new ex 2010 HT server as this one can forward all traffic for recepients - who are not on exchange yet - to the gw system. However, if something goes wrong we would loose emails.

The easiest solution would be a system which can decide based on the emails address (.txt file or something) were to route the email to.
Is there something which can to that and isn't too complicated to set up?

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Barry GillConnect With a Mentor Chief of StaffCommented:
ok, then you can very easily set up a linux based mail server using postfix as your MTA. You can then use a recipient transport map which references a file to determine who goes where.

if you have linux skills this should be VERY easy to set up.

If not, it will be harder, but not too difficult.

I would imagine with your Novell skills base you could handle this very easily.
theoretically, what can be done is add a secondary email address to all exchange users - lets say exch.domain.com and same for groupwise called group.domain.com and route it that way.
supporttccAuthor Commented:
The incoming emails would be adresses to sdfd.sdf@domain.com and the hardware box would deliver everything to gw ... this wouln't change anything?!?
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Barry GillChief of StaffCommented:
do you use an external (cloud) gateway security provider?
Some of them can do this for you (I know this because I work for one that routes messages based on AD group, attribute, and more - sort of an external bridgehead).

So its not a product punt, check with your vendor if you have one.
supporttccAuthor Commented:
No, all mails get delivered directy to your intrastructure ...
supporttccAuthor Commented:
Thank you! Will try that.

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