Procurve 2910AL network setup question


I'm implementing VOIP into my current network. I have several question for the network setup I should use.

Currently I have about 50 computers. Those 50 computers will now be connected into lan port of my IP phones.

My current gateway is a watchguard Firebox X550E.

The network switches who will manage all this will be two HP Procurve 2910AL 48 GB ports PoE.

Some people told me that my switch should act as my default gateway because we'll be implementing a way much more traffic and it's possible that my Firebox can't handle all this new traffic.

I want to know if those switches can act like a sort of default gateway…I'm not really sure of what it means. I know that this switch can use RIP and have  static IP routing. Those this mean that it can act as my default gateway ?

Also, what should I put into my dhcp server for my default gateway ? my switches or the Firebox ?

Should (or can) I configure DHCP server into the Procurve 2910 ?

I know that I must configure voice and data Vlan.. Does my data Vlan will have the Firebox as a gateway and the voice will have the procurve as the gateway ?

Can you provide me some clear information ?

Thank you
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As far as I can see, the proposed gateway-role is just an other way to say that one of the  Procurve 2910's should act as L3-switch and route between the data and voip-vlans.
If so
-the voice-devices in voice-vlan will have the procurve's voice-vlan-IP as the gateway
-the data-devices in data-vlan should have the procurve's data-vlan-IP as the gateway
-the procurve have the Firebox as default gateway.

On the firebox a route-back should be set up so as to reach the vlans via the Procurve.

IP helper address could be set up on the switch with IP routing enabeled , so DHCP could find way between one DHCP-server and clients in more vlans.

Hope you find this clear and helpfull.

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They were misleading you.
Layer2 Swicthes cannot be "gateways" because they are only Layer2
If the Switches were Layer3 then they are a Router and a Switch built into the same piece of hardware.  That would not accidentally be true (whoops! I've got L3 Switches!),...L3's cost a lot more to buy and the company would not have bought them unless they were going to use them that way (it only takes one L3 unit anyway).  I don't have all my Procurve model number features memorized, but yours are probably only L2.
Lastly, you already have the PC's and the Phones sharing the same cables.  If you start breaking things up into subnets but leave the physical topology that way then you gain nothing.  The single physical cable only goes so fast,...the Phone & PC split by subnets running over the same physical cable will not run any faster than the PC/Phones on the same subnet sharing the same cable, fact splitting with subnets with VLANs will actually run slower because of the overhead of the VLAN Tagging.  So if you want better performance and hence want to run two subnets to keep the phones on their own network,...then you need to run two cables to each desk (one for the phone, one for the PC).
Another thing to consider,....we have a completely 100% Procurve system at both L2 and L3.  When we put in our VoIP phones,...the phones implementation of VLAN Frame Tagging and the Procurve implementation of Frame tagging would not work if the Phones were set to get their address from DHCP,...and if the Phones had the IP#s set manually it honored the Tagging and was in the correct subnet but the communication itself was "hit & miss".  
As a result we left the phones in the same subnet as the PC at the desk  they are at.  Then we are now (as we speak) in the process of running new cabling dedicated to the phones which will add a second new cable at every desk to feed the phone.
The building-wide "intercom" (paging) would not work because it opeated by Broadcasting which does not jump subnets,...then we switched it to Multicast that was supposed to fix that,...but the Phone Server's (PBX) way of implementing that was apparently not compatible with how Procuves handle Multicast, still a failure.  So we have no intercom (Paging) until we get the new cabling installed and have the phones all moved onto their own dedicated new single subnet.
tblincAuthor Commented:
I think that the 2910AL are L3 switch just take a look:

Layer 3 routing
Static IP routing: provides manually configured routing; includes ECMP capability
RIP: provides RIPv1 and RIPv2 routing

Also, I don't think that re-cabling all the office will be a good solution. We already made some working installation of Phone + Computer on the same cable without any issue. The paging was working great and we had the shoretel pcm working also very well. I think that one of the great thing in VOIP is to use the same cable to save some cost. Using QOS will do the job great.

It may have some delay but as you can see in my first post, everything is in GB so I doubt that we'll have any bottleneck here.

We will do some Vlan tagging and use DHCP option to configure each phone / computer.

My question was in fact if we can set the Procurve 2910AL to be the default gateway of my IP phone and route all other traffic to the firebox X550E.

I think that jburgaard is right with this :

-the voice-devices in voice-vlan will have the procurve's voice-vlan-IP as the gateway
-the data-devices in data-vlan should have the procurve's data-vlan-IP as the gateway
-the procurve have the Firebox as default gateway.

Thank you for your answer give me some update if you have other consern.
Ok,..they are L3. That's fine.
Default Gateway,....IP Routing is IP Routing,...doesn't matter if it is an IP phone or a PC.  The way IP Routing works does nto change because the device is a phone, if the phone has to cross a router to get somewhere,...then it has the cross the router to get somewhere.
We've been fighting with our phone system since last winter.  It is a piece of crap.  What brand and models you buy makes a difference,...they are not all created equal,...same with the LAN Routers & Switches,...even different models within the same brand will produce different results.     So bottom line is,..."It ain't that simple",'ll know it works,...when it actually works,...and you'll know it doesn't,...when it doesn't.  The sale's pitchs & promises of the resellers and manufactures don't mean that much.
tblincAuthor Commented:
thank you
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