Need Wireless Access Points for Hotel

I have a friend who is the GM of a hotel and has really old wireless access points. I don't know the brand name, but they seem about 7-8 years old. I was going to suggest a Cisco WAP, but don't know which one to suggest (they have some concrete walls). They have 3 floors with about 50 rooms to a floor. What would be the best AP's/antenna's to use for good range? He's looking to spend about $250~ per.
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RikeRConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It will be sufficient, but I don't see the need for spending money on 802.11n.

Another thing you should take in account is sufficient coverage. You can use a tool like Ekahau's heat mapper to scan the coverage.
There are a lot APs in Market these days.
Cisco, Aruba etc. Choice is yours most of these are Enterprise Level and provide Features such as VLAN, WPA Enterprise and almost all you can think of.
FloydTheDuckAuthor Commented:
I know the choice is mine, but I'm asking for guidance as to what antenna's and AP's to get given the range and traveling thru concrete walls. It doesn't need to have VLAN funcationality, just a basic WAP that broadcasts good signal.
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I would still loud Cisco because if you are looking for an AP in Hotel you would not want an AP which may go down and for the tech support you are talking to some amateur support person.
in Cisco i know Cisco 4400 Series are very good WLAN Controllers.
One of the bigest hotel hotspot providers in The Netherlands based it's solution on the HP/Procurve MSM310 accesspoint ( and the MSM313 for access control serving the captive portal, performing Radius authentication, session manamgement, etc (

De device look simular, but the MSM313 is different.

One of the advantages is that all AP run autonomously, thus do not need an WLAN controller to operate. This way you can expand you network without being limited to licenses.

When it comes to radio's you can stick to 802.11b and g. Based on the fact that you're going to serve only internet connectivity this should do and provided connectivity to the most devices.

Alternatively you can have a company install and operate the network.
FloydTheDuckAuthor Commented:
What about Cisco WAP4410N? Would that be sufficient?
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