$hf_mig$ folder in Windows directory

Dear expert,

Have a Windows 2003 box which is running of the space on C:\ drive.

Found a folder can $hf_mig$ which is approx 500Mb. Can I remove this folder without affecting the system?

THx in advance
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TheMakConnect With a Mentor Commented:
MsiZap.exe is also available inside the Installer Cleanup Utility package (349KB):

After installation browse to C:\Program Files\Windows Installer Clean Up\ to find MsiZap.exe

This page may be helpful as well:

you should not delete $hf_mig$,

the $hf_mig$ folder is there for future upgrades to reference, so that
they won't unwittingly undermine an already installed hotfix by mistakenly
installing an older-or-incompatable version of a file.

Coast-ITConnect With a Mentor Commented:
"Do not delete this folder, $hf_mig$. It is referenced when future updates are installed."

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ormerodrutterAuthor Commented:
OK Thx. How about the C:\Windows\Installer folder?
Yes by using the Windows Installer CleanUp Utility

Once installed go to Start --> Run --> C:\Program Files\Windows Installer Clean Up\msizap G! -->OK
G! : For all users, removes any cached Windows Installer data files that have been orphaned.

Info about Msizap.exe is Here
But you don't need to download it seperately, to run the above


Using this command can cause Windows to corrupt (requiring Re-install or Repair) See Here

The files in C:\windows\Installer are maintained to allow proper Uninstall from Add/Remove Programs.
Programs such as Symantec, may not be able to uninstalled effectively

Removing them may (and can) cause corruptions in future Updating specific installed programs.

You are highly advised to use Add/Remove programs before removing any part of the Windows Installer folder. Although this will not safe gaurd you from any Programs remaining installed.
You are merely putting a band-aid on the problem and it WILL fill up again. Do you have space from another drive you could steal to re-partition your C: drive? If so, please look into "Acronis Disk Director Server v10.0". It is the ONLY software we have found that will allow you to re-partition a server 2003 box. It is around $600 per copy and is sold as a single-license but it is well worth the money and it works extremely well. It only takes about 10-15 minutes of downtime and you are done. NO MORE BAND-AIDS doing it this way. Do NOT jeopardize hosing your OS when you can correctly fix the issue! :)


Symantec used to make "Partition Magic" that would work on servers but they do NOT make it any longer.

I hope this helps.
ggipson79Connect With a Mentor Commented:
ormerodrutterAuthor Commented:
$600 to purchase a licence is out of the question. Beside we don't want to do that to the server in case anything goes wrong - this is the most critical server in our company we cannot afford too much downtime.
I totally understand. If it is really that important then you might run this past management and see about getting approval. It is better than hosing up your OS by deleting files and is 342 pounds (UK). There will come a time when you will run out of files to delete. This program works flawlessly. We have used it on mission-critical servers and it worked great AND saved our bacon! We just made sure we had a safety-net (good backups) before we proceeded.

Again, this is only a suggestion and my $.02!
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