Is there a way to save an Excel file as Read-Only?

Is there a way to save an Excel file as Read-Only via VBA?

NOT, "Read-Only Recommended," but rather actually "Read-Only" in the file properties.
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Right click the file, modify all user securities to "read only"

They will be able to save a copy, but that file is read only.
HaimDAuthor Commented:
Need it via VBA
Kamaraj SubramanianApplication Support AnalystCommented:

To make a Excel file read only (Microsoft Excel 2003),

    * Goto Tools ->Options->Security (The Tools menu in the worksheet menu bar)
    * Check the READ-ONLY RECOMMENDED box.

This would make your file read only and when the file is opened, it would prompt you with the message box whether you want the file to be opened in read only mode or not. If you click YES, the file would open in read only mode. If you click NO, the file would open in read write mode and you can save your changes.

For Microsoft Excel 2000 and other previous versions

    * Goto File->Save As
    * Click the TOOLS button on the right corner and select GENERAL OPTIONS
    * Now check the READ-ONLY RECOMMENDED box.

This works well in Microsoft Excel 2003 also.

The above option, though making the file read only, gives the user the option to edit it. So even if an user unknowingly presses the NO button , when prompted for read only opening, he may still be able to edit the file. If you want to prevent this then,

    * Navigate to your file through Windows Explorer or the File Open Box and select it.
    * Check the READ ONLY box.

This always open the file read only and even if you already made your file read only, by using the first option, this overrides it since this function is part of the operating system rather than the application. To make the file read write again, just uncheck the READ ONLY box.
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ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs Filename:=FN, ReadOnlyRecommended:=True
HaimDAuthor Commented:
Need Read-Only via VBA.  Not read-only recommended via checkbox.
HaimDAuthor Commented:
That's ReadOnlyRecommended...need Read-Only
Something likethis

SetAttr pathname, attributes

To set ReadOnly=True
SetAttr "C:\Blank.xls", vbReadOnly

To set ReadOnly=False
SetAttr "C:\Blank.xls", vbNormal

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SetAttr "C:\Blank.xls", vbReadOnly
If you guys are going to copy from another site, I would reccomend giving that site the credit.......
Then why post the question if the answer is easily found?
going along with that these guys provided, you could also use
setattr thisworkbook.fullname, vbreadonly
thisworkbook.close true
If this person pays to use this site, I would also come here first.....
Just saying, it's always recommended to give credit where the solution is found.....or either link to it......
When I answer questions, I assume that the poster has already done a quicky google search.
Which is true, thereby the source:
HaimDAuthor Commented:
Exactly what I needed.
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