GPResult not working with non-administrators

I'm trying to run gpresult /h gpreport.html /f but the account I'm trying it run it on is not an administrator and when I start to run it, it collects the data buts then it says 'ERROR: Access is denied.'  Is there any work around for this?

Windows 7 Professional connected to a domain on a Hyper-V Session
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TechnoButtConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Access to root of C:\ is denied for non-elevated accounts.  Supply a path (on a previously created folder), like:
gpresult /h c:\report\gpresult.html /f
it's probably trying to save the report to a restricted disk. run from a command prompt, but right-click on Command Prompt in the start menu and select to run as administrator
cmb991Author Commented:
I tried gpresult /h c:\report\gpreport.html and it still says ERROR: Access Denied.
Dangle79Connect With a Mentor Commented:
that's because that same user still can't create a folder on c:
better bet would be to use something like C:\users\%USERNAME%\Desktop
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