Touch controls not working, how else can we enable wireless on alienware m15x

Hi Experts,

We have an Alienware m15x that the touch controls up top have stopped working on.  It's a hardware issue, as the machine has been restored using the factory image and they still don't work, light up, etc.  Unfortunately, this is how you enable the wireless radios (via the touch buttons) so we can't get wireless to turn on.  The alienware manual for the laptop doesn't mention any other way.  Of course, I don't think they intended on the buttons going bad.  Anyone have any ideas on how to override it?  Windows just reports the wireless switch as off.

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Justin Pierce, CEH, CNDANASA Cybersecurity EngineerCommented:
If the wireless seems to not be working properly go to:
Start / Control Panel / Administrative Tools / Services / Wireless Zero Configuration Services.
Make sure that it says "started" in the "Status" column. Also, make sure that it says "Automatic" in the "Startup Type" category.
Lastly go back to your desktop and check that your wireless icon is showing that it is searching for a network, as well as that you can get your wireless icon to respond to your touch.
JsmplyAuthor Commented:
Thanks.  The problem seems to be that the WiFi radio is off on the hardware, not the service in Windows.  However, the touch switches (that includes the wireless) no longer works on the laptop.
Here is a service manual for the Alienware m15x. It includes step by step instructions on repairing most hardward issues.

I will continue looking for a way to enable through the OS.
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JsmplyAuthor Commented:
Looking at it closer, there might be a driver issue.  The alienware lights do not work and upon booting Vista is looking for a "TUSB3410 Boot Device" driver.  This is a factory restored machine (with the built in alien respawn option) so it seems those drivers should be loaded.
JsmplyAuthor Commented:
Meaning the driver issue might be keeping the touch buttons from working, as they don't even illuminate.
Under Device Manager, are any of the hardware devices indicating that they aren't working? (In XP there is a little yellow exclamation point). If so, there is definitely a driver issue.
JsmplyAuthor Commented:
Yea, that's where we noticed the TUSB3410 Boot Device is not showing installed correctly.  It's odd though because the complete factory respawn should have those drivers intact.  Alienware's website shows nothing for this device.  
Great! Right click on that device>Properties>Details Tab>post that line of text here and I will get you a driver
JsmplyAuthor Commented:
TUSB3410 Boot Device
Hardware ID - USB\VID_0451&PID_3410&REV_0100 and USB\VID_0451&PID_3410
JsmplyAuthor Commented:
OS is Vista Home Premium 64 bit
I found your driver on Unfortunately, because there are .cat and .sys files in the archive, I can't post it here, as they are prohibited file types. But, if sign up for a free membership, the zip file is under Texas Instruments, search for TUSB3410-DKU5.ZIP and download. You might try to look for this file on Google also; I was unsuccessful. Hope I contributed some.

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JsmplyAuthor Commented:
Thanks.  Found that driver on driverguide but the laptop says it's not a good driver for that piece of hardware.  Perhaps because the driver is for Windows XP and this is Vista 64Bit.  =\
Sorry. I looked on the Texas Instruments archives also with no success. Do you think that maybe it is disabled in BIOS? There may be a setting in there to enable/disable.
Some other ideas:

1) From Device Manager, try reinstalling driver using both the "automatically search" method and the "choose it off a list yourself" method. Try to see if Texas Instruments is listed and has any device drivers to choose from.
2) Try searching your hard drive for any files with the same name as what you downloaded from DriverGuide. The ones on your hard drive should be in the right OS version. Then use that location to reinstall the drivers.
3) Pray
JsmplyAuthor Commented:
Doesn't seem to be.  Starting to think there might be a hardware issue with the laptop.  None of the Alienware lights come on (including the touch buttons that are not working that we are trying to fix in this thread).  That should be OS independent I believe.  You can use a software program in Windows to change their configuration, but they be on regrdless of the OS.  At least that has been the experiance we have had with other Alienware laptops.
Hi when I have driver issues I all ways go to its free and it woks good to get you the correct driver.
JsmplyAuthor Commented:
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