vpn is not working on sbs 2008

I am trying to connect to sbs server via vpn it doesn't seem to be working
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Chris MillardConnect With a Mentor Commented:
When you try to connect, what error messages are you getting from the client? Also, what firewalls do you have in place?
mattibuttAuthor Commented:
I don't have percise error it says security don't match also when I try to configure vpn from sbs console it says enable to open port on router even though port is open
AustinDellManConnect With a Mentor Commented:
what is the public facing FQDN that you resolve to hit your VPN.  I would like to look and see what ports show open to the public.

mattibuttAuthor Commented:

I am using an ip address I can check the port no even though when I try to connect router shows in log that vpn rule met
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