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move user profile from old domain to new


I have an old domain abc.edu and a new domain, xyz.edu.

Need to migrate users from abc.edu to xyz.edu.  

Current steps to take:
1. Disjoin abc.edu and join workgroup.
2. Join to xyz.edu.
3. Login as the user to create a new local profile.
4. Login as local admin, open regedit, and repoint the profilepath, reset ntfs permissions and user profile hive ntuser.dat hive.

This is a lot of work and I need to do this on 89 workstations.

What I'm looking for is let's say the username is jsmith.  Jsmith has a local profile in c:\documents and settings\jsmith.  Now if I join the system to the xyz.edu domain, and login as jsmith, I will get a new profile called jsmith.xyz in the same folder.

Is there a tool, which will:
1. Change Jsmith's xyz.edu domain profile location to the original path of his old profile
2. Reset permissions on the jsmith profile to allow jsmith@xyz.edu to access the files
3. Reset the hive for the ntuser.dat file inside the jsmith profile to allow jsmith@xyz.edu full access
4. Reset profilepath location from jsmith.xyz to jsmith

I know that in the SBS world if you have a workgroup account, you can use the connectcomputer wizard, but this is in a non-SBS setup, and we're going from domain abc to domain xyz...  any FREE tools or scripts to accomodate this, so that the manual clicking doesn't have to be done by hand?

I envision a script which will enumerate local profiles, their SIDS and paths, which will basically ask for input, PROFILEA and PROFILEB.  When executed, magically, the thing will allow PROFILEB to use PROFILEA as default with all of the permissions set correctly.  Anyone?
1 Solution
I'm a little confused here.  Are you trying to migrate from one AD domain to another?  Or, from what it sounds like to me, you're trying to move just the users profiles?  Or is it both?  Sounds like you are looking migration.  And if so, you're talking about a 2 step process.  1 step is moving the users AD account, and the 2nd step is moving the desktop profile, the users environment.  Am I in the right ballpark?
Will SzymkowskiSenior Solution ArchitectCommented:
If you need to move profiles I would recommend using the USMT (User State Migration Tool) to move your profiles.

What you could do is move them to a server Share, set the profile path in the Users AD account, login to the machine and this will pull the profile from the server to the workstation. You can then remove the profile path from AD if you dont want to use roaming profiles.

taki1gostekAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys... Moderator, please close the question... i found the solution here:


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