HP Elitebook 2530p / Win 7 Missing Enet Adaptor

Powered up my HP Elitebook 2530p running Win 7 this morning and my local on board ethernet adaptor is missing - It was there yesterday!  Any help appriciated !
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Henry_DunnIIIConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Right click on my computer or computer (depending on which OS you're running), select manage.  In the list on the left hand side, find device manager and select it.  Look for Network adapters on the right.  This will give you a good starting point.  What do you see here?  If you see your adapter, right click it and select properties.  If you dont see your network adapter, try right clicking the computer at the top of the listing and selecting scan for hardware changes.  This might find the adapter.  If not, i would say you probably have a bad device, you'll need to replace or send in for warranty work if covered.
SuncoreAuthor Commented:
It does not appear, even when scanning for hardware changes - I will send for warranty as suggested - thanks for your help.
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