Blackberry and MS Exchange Server, email folders are empty on device.

My company uses Microsoft Exchange but it is hosted offsite by a third party company.  We just configured a Blackberry to connect to a Exchange account and are able to send and receive emails. However, all of the subfolder where I organize my emails, show up as empty on my Blackberry.  
Note** We do not have a BES Server.  We do not use Personal Folders (PST).

Anyway to get all of the emails in my Exchange Folders to show up in the folders on my Blackberry Handheld?

A.V.Lead EngineerAsked:
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-jonny-Connect With a Mentor Commented:
You can't connect directly to exchange with a blackberry unless you're using a third party client like AstraSync.
If you're not using BES then you're probably using BIS, which allows you to connect over either POP3, IMAP or OWA. If it's not POP or IMAP then it's most likely OWA.

Who set up the devices for you? or did you use the email setup wizard on the device? if you're using OWA then GEMAR's suggestion is probably going to solve it for you. You can change the settings under messages - options - email settings - (press the menu button) folder redirection and choose the subfolders that you want to have reconciled with your device.
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There is an option in the blackberry terminal in which you set for updating the subfolders
Are you using POP3 or IMAP? if you use POP3 then you won't get folders - however IMAP will provide you with folder sync.
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A.V.Lead EngineerAuthor Commented:
Both good suggesstions!  I am going to try these out today and get back to you.  thanks!
A.V.Lead EngineerAuthor Commented:
Wait, Jonny.  This is an Exchange Server,  We connect directly to the Exchange.  So there is no pop or imap.

If you have a BES server, you need to activate what is called Tarife Company and it will allow  to activate the connection to the exchange directly from the terminal bes
A.V.Lead EngineerAuthor Commented:
Don't have a BES...
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