Move SBS 2003 to SBS 2008 - Fresh Install

I have bought a new server with SBS 2008 preloaded.  I want to move the data and exchange mailboxes to the new machine (don't need to move any sharepoint, sql, etc) from the old SBS 2003 machine.

I know there is a full SBS2003 to SBS2008 migration plan - but I want to have a fresh install rather than the migration.  I only have 5 workstations and 5 mailboxes.  

What is the best way to move the exchange mailboxes?  Exmerge or pst?  

Also will I lose the old user profiles on the existing workstations (therefore will I need to backup the user specific items - favs, docs, etc)?

I am also changing the internet connection/service provider and the IP address for our hosted email.  I am thinking of setting up the new machine, adding users, then moving the data over via usb connected harddrive, then moving the mailboxes over (again either with exmerge or pst), then removing the workstations from the SBS2003 network, moving their connection to the new network and connecting them using the SBS connect feature.   Then I will need to change the dns pointer to the new IP.

What else do i need to think about?
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Cliff GaliherConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This is one of those "can't have your cake and eat it too" moments. If you choose to keep the fresh install, you must create new users and join the machines to the new domain. Profile data will be lost. You can use tools like the easy transfer wizard to keep *most* things intact, but it won't be as seamless or thorough as a migration would be.
For Exchange, I prefer exmerge.
Besides that, I don't see any glaring missing spots in your plan.
Backup, backup, backup, and move forward carefully ,you should be fine.
Andrew OakeleyConsultantCommented:
agree 100% with everything cgaliher says.

But I would like to point out that a good migration to SBS2008 is as good as a fresh install anyway, and a lot less disruptive to the users if done right.
If you only have 5 users I wouldn't bother thinking about migration, particularly you only have data and mailboxes to move.

For mailboxes I will simply do PSTs from each Outlook. Mind you Exmerge only handles mailbox less than 2Gb so it may not be suitable if you have large mailboxes.

When you rejoin the PCs into the new domain the old User-profile data is still under Documents and Settings. Grant the user local admin right then he can simply copy whatever he wants from his old profile into his new one. Simple.

Changing IP should only be done on your router and possibly the server. Your user don't need to worry about that.
Andrew OakeleyConsultantCommented:
For interests sake only, and not saying this is right or wrong, I always do a swing migration even if it is only 5 users. I just hate having to goto workstations, and I find that all the little questions afterwards "where did this icon go... etc.. etc.." far more painful than the extra time doing the migration.... just my 2c worth
Glen KnightCommented:
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